Google Forms


Google Forms allows you to easily manage event registrations, create quick opinion poll, and much more.


  • Supports 12 field types: 9 question types, along with text, photo, and video fields
  • Supports sections and logic
  • Customize form designs including header color and image, and background accent color

Getting Started With Google Forms

Step 1

  1. Login to to your UA Google account.
  2. Go to menu and click Forms.
  3. Click Blank +.
  4. A new form will open.

Step 2

Now that your form has been created you can add, edit, or format text, images, or videos in the form.

Step 3

When you are ready, you can send your form to others and collect their responses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I allow people from outside UA to fill out a form?
    While you're creating the form, click Settings icon (gear) in the upper right corner to click the Settings menu. Under Requires sign in deselect Restrict to users in UA and trusted domains.
  • Why does someone have to login to Google to complete a form?
    By default the "Restrict to users in UA and trusted domains" is enabled which forces respondents to login with their Google account. If you disable this option individuals are no longer required to login to Google to complete a form. Be aware that if you disable this option, people can potentially answer the form several times.
  • How can I prevent a person from answering a survey multiple times?

    To have more confidence in your results, you can enable the option "Limit to 1 response." Note that respondents will be asked to login to their Google account to view and complete the form; however, the actual username will not be recorded.

    Alternativly, if you want to have greater ability to manage surveys, including restricting the ability of individuals to submit the survey more than once, consider using Qualtrics instead.

  • Is it possible to include a Google Form in my website?
    Yes, it is possible to include a Google Form in your website. You'll have to embed it within an iFrame. The option is available from the File menu. The menu option will generate an HTML code snippet that you can then copy / paste into a page on your site
  • Is it possible for a respondent to change their answer after submitting the form?
    Its possible, depending upon the settings of the form. When building a form there is an option on the Settings General under Respondents can labeled Edit after submit. If this is selected, after submitting the form the individual will have a confirmation page with a unique link to edit their answers. This link is displayed only once, if the person closes the window, they will no longer be able to change their answers.
  • Is there a maximum number of responses?

    When you create a form, you can gather responses inside the form or separately in Google Sheets.

    If you store responses within Google Forms there is no particular limit.

    If you store responses in a Google Sheet you're limited to 5 million cells. Note the distinction between rows and cells. This means you could have 500,000 rows of 10 columns, or 100,000 rows of 50 columns.

  • Is it possible for a person to resume responding to a form they'd started earlier?

    No. It is currently not possible. All responses are recorded once when submitting the form.

  • How do I access the form's responses?

    You can access the form's responses by first accessing the form via Google Form and then select the Responses tab. If you would like to download the responses, click on the More icon, and select Download responses (.csv).

  • How do I delete responses and/or reset the form?

    You can delete responses by fist accessing the form via Google Form, and then select the Responses tab. Click on the More icon, and select Delete all responses. Please note that this cannot be undone.

  • Can I save results from multiple form into a single Google Sheet

    Yes. You can store results from multiple forms into a single Google Sheet; each form's responses will be saved to a separate sheet/tab. However, you cannot save multiple forms' responses to a single sheet.

  • What happens to existing responses if I edit from questions and answers?

    You can change form questions and answer options at anytime; however, if you do it will not change any responses that have already been submitted.


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