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Hangouts Chat allows you to quickly and easily communicate with one person, or an entire group. Start a 


  • Chat: Enjoy public and private conversations with a person, or a group of people.
  • Invite people inside or outside the university
  • Host and attend meetings on Android and iOS devices with the Google Meet app.
  • Bots: Bots are special accounts you can chat with. They provide a conversational way for you to lookup information, schedule meetings, perform tasks, and so on.


How do I access Google Hangouts Chat?

Google Hangouts Chat works in the browser on your desktop or laptop computer, and in mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. Chat keeps all your messages in sync no matter which device you use, even if you switch between them.

Desktop Clients

Mobile Device Clients


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many people can participate in chat?
    The maximum number of participants in a chat room is 8,000 people.
  • What is a room in chat?

    A room is a place where you can meet with a group and brainstorm ideas. You can also share files, and other online resources, and work together on team projects.

  • When should I use a room vs. a group message?

    You can use a room or a group message to chat with two or more people. To help you decide which to use consider the following table describing the differences between the two.

      Group Message Rooms
    Who can chat After starting the chat, can't add or remove anyone Can add and remove anyone at anytime
    Conversations Single unthreaded conversation Multiple, threaded conversations
    Message history History can be turned off (messages removed in 24 hours) or turned on (messages follow the university's retention policy) Message history is on, and messages are retained according to the university's retention policy
    Name List of other member's names (e.g. Brenden, Ann, John, etc.) Room creator chooses name (e.g. Marketing chat)
    Notifications Individuals are notified for every message Individuals are notified for conversations they're in, or when @mentioned
    Leaving Individuals can't leave, but can hide the chat in the sidebar Individuals can leave and rejoin
    Multiple with same individuals Can't have two group messages with the same set of people Can have two or more rooms with same set of people
    Bots Bots can't be included Anyone can add a bot
  • What bots are available?

    There are many bots available many. Every person using Hangouts Chat can use bots. To search for bots do the following:

    1. Within Google Hangouts Chat, on the left, click +Find people, rooms, bots and enter a bot name.
    2. Select a bot from the list of suggestions.
  • Can I share files with the people I'm chatting with?

    Yes. You can add documents, presentations, images, and other files in your conversations. Files you attach to a conversation are automatically shared with all participants who have Comment access.


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