Google Meet


Use Hangouts Meet to hold video conferences with people inside or outside your organization. You can join from a computer or mobile device.


  • Audio & Video Calling: Hold video conferences with anyone. Attendees can share their screen to present slides or other information.
  • Dial in from a phone: Participants can join a meeting via audio by using a dial-in number. Regular call charges apply.
  • Schedule meetings: All meetings scheduled with Google Calendar can include a Meet video link.

How do I access Google Meet?

Google Meet is accessible via Google Chrome, or Firefox on most desktop computers, or laptop computers, and via the Hangouts Meet app for mobile devices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the system requirements to use Hangouts Meet?

    Supported Operating Systems

    Meet supports the current version, and the two previous major releases of the following operating systems

    • macOS
    • Windows
    • Chrome
    • Ubuntu, and other Debian-based Linux distributions

    Supported Web Browsers

    • Google Chrome
    • Firefox (version 60 or higher)

    Camera and microphone access

    • When you start a video call for the first time, you need to let Meet use your camera and microphone

    Video call requirements

    • Broadband connection to the Internet
    • A built-in web camera or external USB camera (Note: Other devices, such as virtual cameras, may not work with Meet)
    • A quad-core process or higher is required to support HD video
    • Bandwidth for video calls
      • Minimum bandwidth required
        • Outbound from the participant: 300 kbps
        • Inbound to the participant: 300 kpbs
      • Ideal bandwidth
        • Two-person video calls
          • Outbound from the participant: 3.2 mbps
          • Inbound to the participant: 2.6 mbps
        • Group video calls
          • Outbound from the participant: 3.2 mbps
          • Inbound to the participant with 6 or more participants: 3.4 mbps
  • How many people can participate in meeting?
    The maximum number of participants in a video conference is 50 people.
  • Can I add a Meet video when using Outlook to schedule a meeting?

    Yes. You can use the Hangouts Meet add-in for Microsoft Outlook to add a Meet video call directly into your Outlook event or email.

    Participants inside the organization can join by clicking the video meeting link in the Outlook event. Participants outside of the organization can request to join the meeting. After the meeting starts, you can invite additional users to the video meeting.


    You need a desktop/laptop computer using one of the versions of Outlook listed below:

    • Outlook 2013 or 2016 for Windows
    • Outlook 2016 for Mac

    Mobile devices don't support the Meet add-in for Outlook.

    Install the plug-in

    1. Launch Outlook
    2. From the Home ribbon click the Get Add-ins button.
    3. Search for Hangouts Meet.
    4. Follow the instructions to install the add-in.
  • Will a participant using the dial-in phone number be charged for the call?

    Regular call charges apply to any participant that connects to the meeting using the dial-in number.

  • Are there any tips to know when connecting to a Google Meet via phone?

    You can dial-in during the scheduled time using one of the following methods:

    • Enter the phone number appearing in the Google Calendar event or meeting invite. Enter the PIN followed by #.
    • From the Meet or Calendar mobile app, tap the phone number. The PIN is automatically entered.

    Some other general tips:

    • Your name is shown in the meeting if the phone number you're dialing from is in associated with your UA G Suite account. Otherwise, your partial phone number is displayed.
    • Participants should always verify that a dial-in user is the correct person to ensure the caller ID was not spoofed.
    • Press *6 to mute or unmute yourself from a phone at any time.
    • You can only dial-in during the scheduled meeting time.
    • You will continue to be in the call even if it continues past the scheduled end time.
    • Anyone can join using the number, even if they're from outside the university. 


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