2018 | Past, Present, Future: Working Together

 Juneau, Alaska
April 13 - 15, 2018

Featured speakers at the conference will include Dr. Thomas Swenson, who is originally from Kodiak and is currently assistant professor of Ethnic Studies at the University of Utah and is a 2017-18 Katrin H. Lamno Fellow at the School for Advanced Research in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The second plenary speaker is Liz Medicine Crow, JD, President and CEO of First Alaskans Institute in Anchorage. She is originally from Kake and earned her Juris Doctorate from Arizona State University.

UAS Chancellor Rick Caulfield expressed appreciation to Professors Ernestine Hayes and Alberta Jones for their leadership in co-chairing the conference, and to hardworking faculty and staff at UAS who’ve been preparing for the conference. Caulfield stated: “UAS is proud to host this event which involves faculty and staff from UAS, UAA, and UAF, as well as Elders and a wide array of community members. Scholarship by indigenous faculty and researchers in the University has expanded greatly in recent years, and this is an opportunity to share insights and results from that scholarship. I’m especially pleased that so many students are involved.”

Topics to be discussed at the conference include: cultural resilience, indigenous science, math and technologies, indigenous education, Northwest Coast Native arts, Alaska Native leadership, jurisdiction, and sovereignty, indigenous languages and oral literatures, and decolonizing the academy. The full program can be found on their website

Alaska Native Studies Conference Organizing Committee (UAS):

  • Ernestine Hayes, Co-Chair
  • Sol Neely
  • Joe Nelson
  • Anita Parish
  • Lyle James
  • Alberta Jones, Co-Chair
  • Ronalda Cadiente Brown
  • Ishmael Hope
  • Tina Ryman
  • Lily Hope
  • X̱ʼunei Lance Twitchell
  • Kolene James
  • Janelle Cook
  • Eleanor Oydna

Student & Community Volunteers:

  • Anna Clock
  • Claire Helgeson
  • Austin Tagaban
  • Gabrielle Kirchner
  • Alexis Ott
  • Elizabeth Kunibe
  • Seth Classen
  • Jason Colon
  • Danika Ingersoll
  • Rylee Landen
  • Richard McGrail
  • Kayla Munday
  • Brittany Ooman
  • Matthew Roda
  • Outdoor Studies students
  • Ofelia Sheakley
  • Timothy Woo