Transforming the University: Alaska Native Studies in the 21st Century

The Alaska Native Studies Conference journal publication, entitled Transforming the University: Alaska Native Studies in the 21st Century, is now available at the UAA Bookstore. It was published in 2014 by the University of Alaska Anchorage. 

On April 5-6, 2013, The University of Alaska Anchorage hosted the first-ever Alaska Native Studies Conference, titled "Alaska Native Studies in the 21st Century: Transforming the University." With a focus on Alaska Native Peoples and their culture, the conference strove to highligh history, art, language and other related topics. 

The conference drew more than 300 people and featured myriad speakers presenting a wide array of Indigenous-focused information and research. The second Conference was hosted by University of Alaska Southeast (UAS) in Juneau on March 14-16, 2014.

This publication serves as a valuable tool both for individuals interested in Alaska Native research, education, and Indigenous paradigms. This is the inaugural Alaska Native Studies Journal and contains articles from the initial gathering, as well as the pre-conference symposium. 

To purchase please call the UAA bookstore at  (907) 786-1151