Degrees & Programs

Bachelors Degree

To address this mission, the Department offers three emphases in the undergraduate major: literature, rhetoric and language, and secondary education.

  • The Literature option focuses on significant examples of literature from different places, periods, and genres as well as the social and geo-cultural forces that shape them.
  • The Rhetoric and Language option focuses on rhetorical strategies and techniques of composition, emphasizing historical, theoretical, and linguistic perspectives. 
  • The Education option prepares students for teaching literature and writing at the middle and high school levels as well as for admission to UAA's Master of Arts in Teaching program.

All options prepare majors to conduct research in the discipline and to write for a variety of purposes and audiences. In addition, each option offers the opportunity to earn honors in English. The specific educational outcomes that support the undergraduate program objectives are to produce graduates who are able to:

  • Read closely,
  • Interpret texts analytically,
  • Conduct research effectively,
  • Weigh evidence critically, and to
  • Write coherently 
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Minor in English

The Department also provides a variety of minors (Literature, Linguistics, Professional Writing, and Creative Writing and Literary Arts). The Literature minor enhances the experience of students majoring in other subjects by providing a study of significant authors and literary works as well as by developing skills in writing and critical analysis. The Professional Writing minor prepares students to interpret and present complex information in a readable form to various audiences using a variety of media. The Linguistics minor is designed for non-English majors who wish to build a foundation in linguistic studies for complementary majors, such as Anthropology and Languages, and for those who are interested in the study and teaching of languages. The Creative Writing and Literary Arts minor allows students to explore the crafts of fiction, literary nonfiction, poetry and dramatic writing in an intensive series of workshops taught by active writers in the genres.