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For questions about WRTG courses and registration, please contact the Writing Department at (907) 786-6885.

David Bowie
Chair of the Department of English
Office: ADM 101P
Phone: 786-4359

Jackie Cason
Office: ADM 103L
Phone: 786-4367

Clare Dannenberg
Associate Professor
Office: ADM 101L
Phone: 786-4386

Sharon Emmerichs
Assistant Professor
Office: ADM 101F
Phone: 786-6742

Patricia Jenkins
Associate Professor and Internship Coordinator
Office: ADM 103G
Phone: 786-4379

Daniel T. Kline
Office: ADM 101H
Phone: 786-4364

Emily Madsen
Assistant Professor
Office: ADM 101E
Phone: 786-4371

Don Rearden
Professor of Writing, Community & Technical College
Office: PSB 102P
Phone: 786-6893

Ronald Spatz
Office: ADM 103M
Phone: 786-4361

David Stevenson
Professor and CWLA Coordinator
Office: ADM 101N
Phone: 786-6435

Jennifer Stone
Office: ADM 101J
Phone: 786-4373

Toby Widdicombe
Office: ADM 101M
Phone: 786-4377

Community Campus Faculty

Lia Calhoun, Kenai Peninsula College
Sheri Denison, Mat-Su College
Scott Downing, Kenai Peninsula College
Jared Griffon, Kodiak College
Annette Hornung, Mat-Su College
Jordana Long, Kodiak College
John Messick, Kenai Peninsula College
Mary Sagal, Mat-Su College

Faculty Emeriti

Jeane T'áaw xíwaa Breinig, Professor Emerita
Barbara M. Christian, Professor Emerita
Elizabeth J. Fallon, Professor Emerita
Elizabeth E. Graber, Professor Emerita
Arlene E. Kuhner, Professor Emerita
Patricia W. Linton, Professor Emerita
Judith K. Moore, Professor Emerita
Joseph Clay Nunnally, Professor Emeritus
Rebecca H. Patterson-Turner, Professor Emerita
Gail L. Renardson, Professor Emerita
Kate E. Sandberg, Professor Emerita
Alice L. Sears, Professor Emerita
Thomas F. Sexton, Professor Emerita
James R. Wilson, Professor Emerita