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Prof. Raymond Anthony

Raymond Anthony earned his PhD from Purdue University.  He is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Alaska Anchorage and specializes in the intersectionality of environmental-food- animal-agricultural ethics, and ethical theory and the philosophy of technology.  Currently, he is pursuing values-aware research in global food security, sustainability, animal welfare and climate ethics.  He serves as Ethics Advisor for the American Veterinary Medical Association's Animal Welfare Committee and Panels on Euthanasia, Humane Slaughter and Depopulation. You may find more information about his research, teaching and service in his digital ePortfolio



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Dr. Stephanie Bauer

Stephanie Bauer earned her Ph.D. in Philosophy from Washington University in St. Louis.  She is currently Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Alaska Anchorage and Chair of the Department of Philosophy.  She specializes in biomedical ethics, disaster ethics, gender theory, and public deliberation.  She is the ethics advisor for the Regional Hospital Ethics Committee and Co-chair of Dialogues for Public Life, a group that promotes public deliberation in Anchorage Alaska.  She leads ethics and deliberations workshops in Anchorage.  





Dr. Terry Kelly

Terry Kelly earned his Ph.D. in Philosophy from St. Louis University.  He specializes in professional ethics and political philosophy.  He is currently Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Alaska Anchorage.  He also serves as vice-chairperson of the Anchorage Municipal Board of Ethics, and conducts professional ethics training in Anchorage Alaska.  His book, Professional Ethics: A Trust-Based Approach is expected to be published in 2017.