Ethics Center

Welcome to the UAA Ethics Center. Created in 2013, we are an innovative, research and teaching unit within the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Alaska Anchorage. Our mission is to be an ethics resource for Alaskans and to advance research, teaching, and outreach of applied ethics. The Center is administered by faculty from the Department of Philosophy and aspires to become an interdisciplinary group of scholars who will employ diverse methodologies to a wide range of social and ethical dilemmas facing Alaskans, peoples of the Arctic, and our global community. 

The Center has international and Alaskan-based experience with research in applied bioethics, science and technology, health and healthcare, the environment, deliberative democracy, institutional governance, professional and business ethics, animal and food ethics, research ethics, and the interface between religion and social ethics. 

In promoting UAA’s mission of Public Square, The Center also holds public forums in the form of professional roundtables, public lectures from both academics and professionals, and white papers/advisory statements on issues relevant to UAA, Anchorage, and Alaska.