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Raymond Anthony

Department of Philosophy
ADM 260

(907) 786-4459


  • PhD., Philosophy, Purdue University, 2003
  • Visiting PhD. Student and Research Assistant, The University of British Columbia
    • The Animal Welfare Program, 2002-2003
    • The Centre for Applied Ethics, 2001-2002
  • M.A., Philosophy, Purdue University, 1998
  • B.A., Psychology, and Philosophy, Magna Cum Laude, Millikin University, 1994


My research interests fall under the areas of environmental, food, animal and agricultural ethics, and ethical theory. Currently, I am pursuing research in global food security and climate ethics. I also specialize in Philosophy of Technology, in particular issues dealing with social justice, participatory democracy, future generations and responsible citizenship.

Teaching Responsibilities

 Please see my Digication ePortfolio Courses page.

Professional & Department Service

Sample Service to the Professions

  • 2009-Present American Veterinary Medical Association (Ethics Advisor), Animal Welfare Committee and Panels on Euthanasia, Humane Slaughter and Depopulation
  • 2015-Present Food Ethics (Editorial Board)
  • 2015 National Science Foundation (NSF), Science, Technology, and Society (STS) Program, Expert Reviewer
  • 2014 Pork Foresight Expert Panel, National Pork Board, USA
  • 2010-Present Universidade Estadual de Londrina (UEL), Grupo Bem-Estar Animal e Sustentabilidade da UEL, Londrina, Brazil
  • 2011-Present Center for Food Integrity, Animal Care Panel
  • 2010-2014 Alaska Food Policy Council


Sample Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

  • Miller, D.S., Anthony, R., Golab, G. 2018. Assessing Aquatic Mammal Welfare While Assessing Differing Values and Imperfect Tradeoffs. Aquatic Mammals 44(2): 116-141. doi 10.1578/AM.
  • Mullins, CR, Pairis-Garcia, MD, George, KA, Anthony, R, Johnson, AK, Coleman, GJ, Rault, J-L, and Millman, ST. 2017. Determination of swine euthanasia criteria and analysis of barriers to euthanasia in the United States using expert opinion. Animal Welfare 26: 449-459; doi: 10.7120/09627286.26.4.449.
  • Patterson-Kane, E., Knesl, O., Hart, B., Fine, A., Cooper, L., Houlihan, K.E., Anthony, R. 2017. Veterinarians and Humane Endings: When is it the Right Time to Euthanize a Companion Animal? Frontiers in Veterinary Science, 4:45,
  • O’Connor, A., Anthony, R.,  Bergamasco, L., Coetzee, JF., Dzikamunhenga, RS., Johnson, AK., Karriker, LA., Marchant-Forde, JN., Martineau, GP., Millman, ST., Pajor, EA., Rutherford, K., Sprague, M., Sutherland, MA., von Borell, E., and Webb, SR. 2015. Review: An Assessment of Completeness of Reporting in Studies Evaluating Pain Management in the Neonatal Piglet during Routine Management Procedure. Animal: The International Journal of Animal Biosciences. 1-11, doi:10.1017/S1751731115002323.
  • Anthony, R. 2015. Climate Ethics: Theatre of the Oppressed Meets Ethics Roundtables. Revista Española de Desarrollo y Cooperación (REDC) (Spanish Journal of Development and Cooperation. 35: 85-102.
  • Anthony, R. 2014. Atmospheric Commons as a Public Trust Resource: The Common Heritage of Mankind Principle in Dialogue with Duties of Citizenship. Ethics, Policy and Environment. 17:1, 43-48.
  • Anthony, R. 2013. Animistic Pragmatism and Native Ways of Knowing: Adaptive Strategies for Overcoming the Struggle for Food in the Sub-Arctic. International Journal of Circumpolar Health 72: Supplement 1: 21224 -
  • Anthony, R. 2012. "Taming the Unruly Side of Ethics: Overcoming Challenges of a Bottom-Up Approach to Ethics in the Areas of Climate Change and Food Security." Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics, 25 (6): 813-841.

Sample Refereed Book Chapters

  • Anthony, R. 2017. “Sustainable Animal Agriculture and Environmental Virtue Ethics," in David M. Kaplan (ed.) Philosophy, Technology and the Environment, (The MIT Press: Cambridge, MA and London, England), 213-228.
  • “Food Ethics as More than Food Security: Asia’s Critical Role in Discourses around Animal Welfare and Climate Change”, in Thompson, K and Thompson, PB (eds.)Agricultural Ethics in East Asian Perspective (Springer: The Netherlands) (Forthcoming).​
  • Underwood, W., McGlone, J., Swanson, J., Anderson, K., and Anthony, R. 2014. “Agricultural Animal Welfare," in K. Bayne and P Turner (eds.) Laboratory Animal Welfare: American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine Series (Elsevier), 233-278.
  • Anthony, R., Hoanca, B., and Mock, K. 2012. "Biometric Authentication in the DigitalAge: Rights, Risks and Responsibilities," in Ch. M Akrivopoulou and N. Garipidis (eds.) Human Rights and Risks in the Digital Era: Globalization and the Effects of Information Technologies (IGI Global Publishing), 125-151.

For more details, please visit my Digication ePortfolio Publications page.

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