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UNSC: A Resolution Calling for Safe Leave

UNSC 2019
Sponsor: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

A Resolution Calling for Safe Leave

The United Nations Security Council,

Deeply regretting that of 77 nations states that reported to the United Nations Office On Drugs and Crime in 2016, Sweden, the U.K., Botswana, and Australia contained the highest reported sexual violence rates;

Noting with approval the United Kingdom’s Scottish Council’s implementation of a law requiring employers to provide 10 days of paid leave for victims of domestic violence [this time is intended to provide victims a chance to seek legal consulting, new living arrangements, and emotional support without the fear of losing employment or income];

Acknowledging that this law was inspired by the Philippines and New Zealand's domestic violence legislation;

Stressing the findings of numerous studies which show that workplace productivity dramatically decreases as a result of domestic abuse–violence cost 55 billion USD in the United States alone and an unknown amount in the world as a whole;

Reminding that men as well as women suffer from domestic violence and that domestic violence can be physical as well as mental; 

  1. Calls for the creation of a treaty entitled “The Global Safe Leave for Domestic Abuse Victims Pact”;
  2. Calls for all signatories of the treaty to develop legislation requiring employers to provide domestic violence victims with 10 days paid leave;
  3. Requires time be used to seek:
      1. Legal support including but not limiting to: hearings, consulting with a layer,
      2. Mental health support including but not limiting to: in patient care, outpatient care, counseling, psychologist meetings,
      3. Physical health support including but not limiting to: emergency room visits, primary care visits, any presagers required as a result of domestic abuse 
      4. New housing arrangements
      5. And anything surrounding recovery from domestic abuse not listed here.
  4. Demands all safe leave legislation be implemented by 2023;
  5. Acknowledges if treaty is not respected nor enforced after 2023 the United Nations Security Council holds the right to enforce said treaty as deemed necessary in each circumstances;
    1. The United Nations Security Council will only take action to enforce said treaty if a Nation State as a whole is not respecting or upholding the treaty.
    2. Signatories must acknowledge and accept the UNSC’s authority to enforce said treaty upon the signing of the Safe Leave Treaty.
  6. Strongly encourages all Nation States to become signatories of said treaty.

PASSED 10-0-5