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Go to UAOnline, the online registration system for the University of Alaska, to register for classes.You can check your registration status, register for classes, and view your student records through this system. 

If you are unsure how to register for classes, please review the Registration Process by the Office of the Registrar.

If your question has not been answered, please contact the Graduate School or your graduate academic advisor.

Continuous Registration 2016 - 2017

March 27, 2017 is the deadline to register for continuous registration, independent and directed studies, practicum, internships, research, and thesis for spring semester.

What? Continuous progress is expected every semester as appropriate for the graduate program, from admission through graduation, until all requirements for the degree are met. 

Who? Check with your graduate program for their specific requirements. For example, students enrolled in graduate programs offering courses only in summer should be continuously registered for every Summer semester until degree requirements are completed. Students enrolling for Fall and Spring semesters are expected to enroll every fall and spring until requirements are completed.  *Students completing coursework over the summer must register for extended registration; e.g. students completing thesis, project, capstone, or internships from spring semester must register for extended registration credit for summer. 

How? To make Continuous Progress in their graduate program, students have the following options: 

  • Registering for at least one graduate level credit applicable to their graduate degree, or 
  • Paying the continuous registration fee (by registering for Extended Registration CRN) to remain active in the graduate program although not registered for any courses. 

        *(100-300 level courses do not count towards continuous registration; only courses listed on the GSP count.)

When? Students are also expected to register or pay the continuous registration fee for the summer if they use university facilities or consult with faculty during the semester. Student who have completed their coursework must enroll in extended registration until all their degree requirements are met.

Where? The continuous registration fee may be paid during each semester's late registration period or in the Cashier's Office up until the end of late registration.

 Extended Registration CRN's (2016-2017): Fall Spring Summer
 College of Business & Public Policy A699 Expired 31432 50631
 College of Arts & Sciences A699 Expired 31433 50632
 College of Education A699 Expired 31434 50633
 College of Health A699 Expired 31435 N/A
       School of Nursing  A699 Expired 31437 N/A
 College of Engineering  A699 Expired 31438 50635
       Project Management  A699 Expired 31436 N/A

Community  & Technical College  A699

Expired 31439 50636
How to find the appropriate Extended Registration CRN in the class schedule:
1. Log on to UA online.       
2. Go to "Student Services and Account Information."      
3. From there, click "Registration," then "Class Schedule Search."       
4. On this page, select the following options:   
a. Search by term: as applicable   
b. Campus: UAA: all campuses   
c. Keyword search: type "extended." 

Or, check the above table.


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