Student Resources - CircleIn


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Where do I find CircleIn?

    You can find CircleIn two different ways: on Blackboard and as a smartphone app. 

    1. In Blackboard - go to the Tools menu, you should find a link to CircleIn. Click on the link and you should see all your available courses listed.


    2. The app can be found on Apple's "App Store" as well as Android's "Google Play Store". Search for CircleIn App to download.

  • How do I sign in?
    CircleIn will ask for your username and password for SSO sign-in. (This is just like logging in to Zoom). Use your UA username and password, and it will take you to your dashboard. If it does not let you in, or you do not see any courses, please let the Office of Student Success know by submitting a troubleshooting request.
  • I don't see one or more of my classes. What should I do?
    If just one class is missing that you expected to see, it is possible your professor requested to opt-out of CircleIn for that class. You should start by asking your professor about using CircleIn for that class. If they did not opt-out and it should be available, then submit a troubleshooting request here.
  • I can't use the chat feature.
    If the chat feature for any class or any other feature is unavailable for use, you should submit a troubleshooting request.

Where to download the app:

Click the link to download the app, with an option for both iPhones and Android Phones. You should see the following screen pop-up. Click on the appropriate app store.

CircleIn Apps Download Screen

Having technical difficulties?

If you are having technical difficulties, such as classes not showing up on your dashboard, consider these options first.

  • Are you enrolled at both UAA and UAF? If you are, you will be unable to use CircleIn during Spring 2021.
  • Your professor may have chosen to opt-out of CircleIn for their classes. Check with them about this.

If neither option applies, submit a troubleshooting request here.