English B.A.

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    English B.A.

    Explore and engage the world through local and global perspectives in written, digital and visual texts. The Bachelor of Arts in English degree program offers an innovative curriculum that focuses on place and emphasizes diverse communities, cultures and environments within and beyond Alaska.

Explore the English bachelor’s degree program at the University of Alaska Anchorage

The UAA English department offers an undergraduate liberal arts degree that promotes communication across cultural boundaries and prepares active citizens in Alaska and throughout the world.

English scholarships and financial aid
Explore numerous ways to get help paying for college, from scholarships and awards to tuition waivers. You may also qualify to apply for program scholarships such as the Arlene Kuhner Memorial Scholarship and the English Book Award.

Degree program options
UAA offers English classes in Anchorage, at regional satellite campuses and online. You can earn a bachelor’s degree in English by taking all face-to-face classes, all online classes or a hybrid of the two.

English advising
Academic advisors and faculty advisors offer guidance and perspective on UAA’s English degree program to help you fulfill degree program requirements.

Honors in English
Strengthen the value of your bachelor’s degree, and graduate with departmental honors. Honors students in English complete upper-level courses in comparative literature, Native literatures and English studies, as well as a senior-year thesis paper.

Student clubs for English majors
Among UAA’s 100 student clubs on campus are activities specifically for English majors. Join the Creative Writing Club or UAA’s student chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, the International English Honor Society. In addition to scholarly and social programming, Sigma Tau Delta offers prizes, scholarships and awards for excellence in writing.

English B.A.

Degree Type:

  • Baccalaureate

Emphases: Literature; writing, rhetoric, linguistics and literacies, creative writing; secondary education

Program Length: Four Years

Availability:Anchorage campus

Other program options: Minors in English, creative writing and professional writing

What can you do with an English degree from UAA?

With highly desired writing and job skills, English alumni are versatile and in demand. English majors fare very well in graduate, law, and medical school applications. Whether you’re looking to join the workforce or enroll in graduate school, the University of Alaska Anchorage’s Bachelor of Arts in English program opens up pathways to careers in a wide range of fields such as publishing, education, media, advertising and government.

English graduate programs
  • Master of Arts in English
  • Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing 
  • Master of Arts in Linguistics
  • Master of Arts in Teaching and Secondary Education
Jobs for English majors
From Native corporations and oil companies to Anchorage and Alaska school districts, employers look for English majors to fill a variety of jobs such as:
  • Writing, including journalism, grant writing, copywriting, and more
  • Media, including website development, social media, and television
  • Political analyst or speechwriter
  • Medicine, including narrative medicine
  • Content marketer or communications specialist
  • Teacher or professor
  • Publishing, including editor, proofreading, and published authorship
  • Interpreter and translator
  • Lawyer

English bachelor’s degree program highlights

With an emphasis on writing, UAA’s English undergraduate degree program develops your analytical, critical-thinking and integrative skills to prepare you for a successful career in a wide variety of fields. You will be able to communicate with different audiences across multiple modes, become familiar with the Alaska context, build strong technical writing skills, be able to edit various types of documents and gain experience with publishing.

  • Partner with faculty on undergraduate research projects and community engagement. English majors have studied language in Anchorage neighborhoods, the history of English in Alaska, use of gendered language, the connection between ideologies and the interpretation of literature.
  • Learn from and interact with widely published, award-winning faculty. Program faculty specialize in a variety of topics, such as creative writing, the history of English in Alaska, African-American literature, popular culture, language and aging, digital gaming, science and nature writing, and discourse analysis.
  • Develop writing and job skills with internships and service learning. As an English major, you’ll have numerous opportunities to earn course credit while gaining first-hand work experience with local businesses and organizations. For example, English major Deborah Castillo helped the Anchorage Park Foundation earn $100,000 in grant funding, which will be used to grow its network of inclusive parks.
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An annual anthology of prose, plays, poetry and short film, Understory features UAA student achievements in creative writing, language and linguistics, literary studies, and rhetoric and composition.


English bachelor’s degree program curriculum

To encourage critical thinking, effective writing and lifelong learning, the program offers students flexibility with courses in literature, writing, rhetoric, linguistics, literacies and education. 
  • The literature courses span multiple genres, time periods and places and examines the social and geocultural forces that shape them.
  • The writing, rhetoric, linguistics and literacies courses focus on historical, theoretical and linguistic perspectives in composition strategies and techniques.

Top classes for English majors

  • Study a variety of literatures that explore different cultures in Global Literature and Culture
  • Read books were written by women and have been made into movies in Topics in Women’s Literature: Women’s Lives in Film and Fiction.
  • Join Potterphiles and Tolkienists alike to discuss good and evil, race and gender, politics and more in Major Authors.
  • Gain job experience while supporting local nonprofits in community-engaged courses such as Technical Writing.