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Coordination Form

Coordination is the requirement that all initiators of curriculum actions identify and notify all academic units who may be affected by the curriculum change of the precise nature of their proposal.

The purpose of coordination is to:

  • allow affected units who may have a legitimate interest in the course or program proposal, opportunities to review and comment on such proposals before they are considered by the college curriculum committees and the UAB/GAB.
  • encourage collaboration among all academic units;
  • maintain and improve quality of academic offerings.

An affected unit is defined as a department or academic unit whose curriculum will be affected by the proposed curricular action.

Coordination with affected units is required in the following cases:

  • When the degree, course, name or content bridges material regularly included in other disciplines (e.g., Business proposed change to “Business Statistics”).
  • When the course or program includes or requires prerequisite courses for other degree programs, sites, or campuses.
  • When the proposed program can reasonably be expected to use courses offered by other disciplines.
  • When a subsequent allocation of resources resulting from the proposal will impact the unit’s ability to deliver academic courses required in other programs.
  • When a course is a General Education Requirement.

Coordination should be initiated very early in the curriculum development process – before finalization of the proposal. Coordination is always expected between and among department chairs and deans in Anchorage, as well as directors of community campuses.

Coordination includes:

  1. sending proposed curriculum to affected units
  2. making proposed curriculum available on the faculty listserv and other appropriate websites
  3. actively seeking collaboration, comments and suggestions
  4. allowing ten days from the published date of notification of affected units before moving the proposed curriculum through the established levels of review.
  5. Email notification. In addition to notifying and sending proposed curriculum (or making it available on the web) to the director and department chair of affected units, initiating faculty are also required to send an email notification to faculty list-serve at: giving a brief overview of the proposal including:

    a) description of the proposed action,
    b) course prefix,
    c) course number,
    d) course description,
    e) prerequisite(s)
    f) any other relevant information.

Evidence of coordination with affected units is required using the Curriculum Coordination Form or a coordination email memo, and the initiator signature on the CAR form. Affected academic units are encouraged to submit written support or objection to UAB/GAB and/or to speak to the proposal at the appropriate Board meeting. If no written comments are received by the UAB/GAB within ten (10) working days of the Notification Date, it is assumed that there are no objections to the proposal.

Do not send proposals as attachments when sending email notices to the faculty list-serve since large files can cause problems.

Coordination Form