Welcome to the Alaska Native Studies Program

Mission Statement

The Alaska Native Studies Program (AKNS) provides an introduction to Alaska Native and Indigenous ways of knowing and seeing the world. The program emphasizes Alaska Native languages, cultures, politics, art, and provides an in-depth perspective on traditional and contemporary Native society. Students may select one of two areas to complete the requirements for the minor; a policy focus or a language focus. Both of these areas emphasize the dynamic nature of Alaska Native peoples and cultures. The Alaska Native Studies minor provides valuable enrichment to any UAA baccalaureate degree. The variety of all courses provides a meaningful understanding for all students.

Alaska Native Studies Program office is located on the third floor of the Social Sciences Building room 378

Phone 1-907-786-6135

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Academic Advisors:

Alaska Native Studies Academic Advisor
Maria Williams
Social Sciences Building
Room 377
ph: (907)786-6136

CAS Academic Adviser for the Humanities
Erin Day
Administration/Humanities Bldg.
Room 101R
ph: (907) 786-1357


Did you know?

Quick Facts:

UAA is ranked #28 among ALL universties for producing Alaska Native/native American B.A. Degrees in 2012 and 2013 (Diverse Issues in Higher Education, 10/8/15)

In 2014-2015: 
*Alaska Native 1,845 9.4%
*American Indian 516 4.1%
*Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander 336 1.7%
(UAA Factbook)


This information is based on students enrolled Spring 2014 semester at UAA.  

Provided by: Casey Sifsof in Native Student Services 


AKNS Class Pictures - Spring 2014

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