Certificate in Applied Ethics

The Certificate in Applied Ethics is designed for students whose intended careers will be complemented by emphasis in ethics education: for example, business majors who may plan also to be ethics officers; those who intend to become professionals, such as lawyers, nurses, social workers, or engineers; or those in public administration, the helping professions, government service, and nonprofits. It will also be applicable to persons presently in the workforce such as corporate ethics officers, executives, and professionals who are seeking career advancement or simply want to acquire skills and knowledge in ethical decision-making.

(30 credits)

Written Communication Skills (6 credits)
Complete two courses from the GER requirements for written communication skills.

Oral Communication Skills (3 credits)
Complete one course from the GER requirements for oral communication skills.

Quantitative Skills (3 credits)
Complete one course from the GER requirements for quantitative skills.

Critical Reasoning Skills (3 credits)
PHIL A101 Introduction to Logic

Ethical Theory (3 credits)
PHIL A301 Ethics

Applied Ethics (6 credits)
Complete two courses from the following:
PHIL A302 Biomedical Ethics
Environmental Ethics
PHIL A304 Business Ethics

Professional Ethics (3 credits)
Complete one course from the following:
BA A488     The Environment of Business
HUMS A412 Ethical Issues in Human Services Practice
PADM A618 Public Accountability, Ethics and Law
PHIL A305  Professional Ethics
PSY A611    Ethics and Professional Practice

(Note: Graduate courses taken to satisfy this requirement cannot also be counted towards a graduate degree in that program.)

Service Learning (3 credits)
PHIL A495 Service Learning in Applied Ethics

A total of 30 credits is required for the certificate.