Doug Ryan

Term Assistant Professor, Ph.D., University of Sheffield
Metaphysics and Epistemology

ADM - 260
Phone: 907.786.4175

Doug Ryan picI received my B.A. in philosophy (2000) from Boston College and my Ph.D. in philosophy (2006) from the University of Sheffield.

I am interested in metaphysics and perceptual experience. My research focuses on questions about perceptual experience and its relation to the world. I am interested in what our experiences reveal about the world and in how our perceptual judgments are justified. I am also interested in the history of early modern philosophy.

Besides teaching metaphysics and the history of philosophy, I regularly teach logic and introduction to philosophy courses at UAA.

Recent Publication:
Douglas Ryan (2012). 'A Problem of Variability?' in Philosophical Writings, No. 52, Spring 2012.

"Moral Judgment and Future Generations", Invited Presentation, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, April 30 2012.

"Moral Judgment, Food Ethics and Future Generations", Panel on Food Ethics and the Problems of Motivation: A Cultural Dialogue,The Second Asian Association of World Historians Congress at Seoul, Ewha Woman's University, April 28 2012.