Dashi's Answers

Dashis AnswersAcrylic on Canvas, 67" X 31"

Kpetushi's Answers to Roberto: (Light Panel)

It is a spiritual gift we have, and we know its benefits. It helps us to consult our ancestors. For example, if somebody has a problem, be it financial, health, or any problem at all, the person comes to us for help. We consult his/her ancestors and they tell what they want him/her to do. Once the person does all that is required his/her problems will be solved. This is our primary job as priestesses.

All of the deities are important, but their leader is Sakpate, followed by Mama Egbebu. Then, the rest follow. But all of them are autonomous. Xebioso follows Sakpate.

We sacrifice a ram and a chicken when we are performing rituals.

Any time we are performing our annual rituals, or someone is going somewhere, it is accompanied by drumming. It is the same when someone is possessed. Sometimes Togbui (Sakpate) tells us to celebrate something, or someone comes to swear an oath. All of these are done amidst singing and drumming.

Kpetushi's Answers to Roberto: (Dark Panel)

If they want to perform purification rites for you, you will look for things like a sponge, soap, drink, and other things. But if you are a priestess and you want to perform the annual purification rites, they will cleanse you first, before you bathe the gods.

Since the religion is a good thing, which when you follow it you will have your peace of mind, we also follow it as our forefathers did. All you need to do is to just follow the rules and you will be fine.  People who stayed with my grandfather always tell me that I do it as my grandfather used to do it, and they are the same people with me now.

Well, we thank them for remembering us and for coming to make the ties that bind us together as a family stronger. As you have come to us, we are ready to visit you anytime. We only plead that you should not let anyone change your mind about this wonderful plan. Culture does not deceive people.  So you should hold onto what you worship. We will share ideas when we meet you one day.

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