Forms & Standards

FP&C Standard Forms

The Project Request Form is used by FP&C to initiate construction projects, large and small.  If you have a small room modification, departmental room or suite remodeling/repurposing.  You can enter your project request using the webform here.

The Space Request Form is used by the FP&C and the UAA Facilities Space Planning Committee (FSPC) to assess space needs, determine priorities, and assign/allocate/reallocate University.  Use this form if you are requesting additional space that you don't currently administer, whether it is for new storage closet, a new department, or something in between.  You can enter your space request using the webform here.

There currently is not a capital request form for new construction.  If you have programmatic needs of this magnitude, please contact UAA PF&C directly.

FP&C Planning and Construction Standards

FP&C uses a number of policies, standards, and guidelines to direct how we do business.  Here are links to our primary references.  If you have questions about  facilities topics not covered here, please contact us.

UA Statewide Facilities Home

UA Board of Regents Capital Planning and Facilities Management Policy  (includes Capital Planning, Budget Development, Project Development, Operations & Maintenance, Naming Conventions and more)

UAA Facility Design Standards and Procedures Guideline (PDF) -- is a compilation of procedures, guidelines, and technical, requirements associated with the planning, design, and construction of facilities on campus.  The document is a product of efforts, expertise, and institutional expertise of project managers with UAA Facilities Planning & Construction and UAA Facilities Maintenance & Operations.  The purpose is three-fold:

  1. To aggregate important information necessary for planners and designers.
  2. To outline important design considerations and goals for new and renovated facilities.
  3. To standardize certain procedures, design elements, and technical components for all new buildings and renovation projects on campus.

Together with the UAA Campus Master Plan, the Design Standards ensure that capital projects are planned, designed, and constructed in accordance with UAA's strategic goals and vision of campus.

UAA FP&C Policies and Procedures Manual

UAA Space Management Policy (under contract, to be published)

UAA Building Naming (to be published)

UAA Room Numbering Convention (to be published)