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UAA Fall 2020 Payment Deadline

Monday, September 14th at 5pm


Payment Plans

Beginning Fall 2020, UAA is aligning with UAS and UAF to offer payment plans through our payment partner, Touchnet. Payment plans for the Fall semester open for enrollment on August 3rd. Students enrolled in payment plans prior to the published payment deadline and making timely payments are not subject to campus late fees of up to $300 - enroll early to spread your balance over the most monthly installments available. More information on UAA's payment plan is available in Payment Plan Options below.

To access the payment plan:

  1. Log into UAOnline
  2. Select the Student Services & Account Information tab
  3. Click Student Account
  4. Click Account Detail for Term (Semester) / Pay Term Balance / Payment Plan Setup
  5. Acknowledge the refund policy statement by clicking the checkbox
  6. Click the Pay Now button

Please call Payment Plans Support Line at 1-833-269-3675 7 A.M to 7 P.M EST for any payment plan related questions.

Students with Summer 2020 payment plans or 12-month payment plans for past due balances enrolled with TMS/Nelnet must continue to access their payment plan through the Nelnet Student Account Center until paid in full.

Payment Plan Options

  • Current Semester Payment Plan

    UAA Current Semester Payment Plan

    UAA payment plans are available to students admitted to UAA's Anchorage campus programs, as well as Anchorage campus non-degree seeking students. Students admitted to UAA's community campuses must enroll in that campus's payment plan.

    • A non-refundable $75 plan enrollment fee is required at the time of payment plan enrollment
    • A down payment equal to a monthly installment is required at the time of payment plan enrollment, followed by scheduled, equal monthly payments due on the 10th of the month
    • The payment plan automatically adjusts to reflect changes made to the student account due to new charges and credits
    • Financial Aid, Waivers, and Third-Party payments will reduce monthly installment amounts; other payments made outside of the payment plan will apply to the next scheduled installment
    • Outstanding balances from prior terms will be included in the payment plan balance
    • Late or missed installment payments will incur a $25 late fee
    • If the balance is paid in full prior to the scheduled payment plan end date and new charges are later added, scheduled monthly installments will automatically resume
    • Please call Payment Plans Support Line at 1-833-269-3675 7 A.M to 7 P.M EST for any payment plan related questions.
  • Past Due Balance Payment Plan


    Enrollment in a past due balance payment plan does not release the financial hold on the account or prevent the PFD garnishment process.