Student Sponsorship

What is Student Sponsorship?

Student Sponsorship, also known as Third-Party Billing, is when an external organization/company enters into an agreement with UAA to pay for all or a portion of a student’s semester charges. The specific charges paid by a sponsor may vary – some sponsors may pay tuition and mandatory fees; other sponsors may also pay for parking permits, room & board, books, or other charges. Students are responsible to pay any and all charges not authorized by the sponsor by the published fee payment deadline to avoid late fees and account holds.

Our Cashiering team processes paper scholarship checks received from private donors. Once the check or EFT/ACH is received by UAA Cashiering, it will be logged and deposited. The award information must also be shared with the Office of Financial Aid. Once Cashiering has posted the award to the student account, our Disbursement team will process a refund if applicable.

Due to the manual processing nature of these awards, please allow 10 business days from the date the funds are received by UAA for posting to the student account. Private donor scholarships will not be posted to the student account earlier than 10 business days prior to the first day of the semester.

Dropping or withdrawing from courses after your scholarship has been posted to your student account may require funds to be returned to the donor, creating a balance due to UAA on your student account.

To facilitate timely processing, please review the instructions below. Checks must be received (and endorsed if necessary) by the payment deadline to avoid late fees. 

Donor Instructions

  • Please make checks payable to: University of Alaska Anchorage or UAA. If checks are made payable to students, both the university and the student, or otherwise, please anticipate delays in processing.
  • Checks may be mailed to:
UAA Office of the Bursar
Attn: Scholarships
PO Box 141609
Anchorage AK 99514

  • Instructions or award letters MUST accompany checks and include:
    • Recipients full name and UAID number. Do not include the recipient's SSN; it violates FERPA compliance. You may use the last four digits of the SSN and DOB if unable to provide the UAID number. 
    • Specific term awarded
    • Any additional requirements such as full or part-time enrollment
  • Donors utilizing ACH/EFT for scholarship funds should forward a student roster to
  • If your award does not have specific awarding requirements, you may use the Private Donor Award Form which provides us with the general information needed to process the award.

Other Tips:

  • UAA will do our best to comply with the donor requirements, but only to the point of posting the award to the student account. It is the student and donor's responsibility to track student progress, eligibility, or otherwise beyond the point of award.
  • Donors are encouraged to include only pertinent requirements in their award letter.
  • We prioritize our workload based on complete and accurate information provided by the donor. To ensure timely processing, it is important to provide accurate names and corresponding UAID numbers.
  • UAA does not encourage scholarship funds to roll over to next semester as it is not ideal for IRS reporting to split an award between two calendar years.

Students who are sponsored by a third party including companies, school districts, governmental agencies, or a branch of the U.S. military, may be eligible to have all or a portion of their semester bill sent directly to the sponsor for payment. The Office of the Bursar must have a Letter of Authorization or Purchase Order on file (agency instructions below) before any award can be processed. Once the credit has been processed on the student account, an invoice will be sent to the sponsor for payment and is due upon receipt.

Please Note: A credit will be processed on the student account within two business days of receipt of the Letter of Authorization or PO; please allow additional time during peak processing times. The credit on the student account does not mean that the Office of the Bursar has received payment from the sponsoring agency; it means an authorization to invoice that agency has been received. Authorizations received after the fee payment deadline are subject to late fees and will be the responsibility of the student.

If the agency/sponsor does not pay the amount as previously authorized, UAA will void the credit on the student account and the student will be responsible for paying the remaining balance.

Billing Procedures for Agencies/Sponsors:

There is no standard form, as each agency has different information required for billing purposes. Some companies will write an official letter stating what they are willing to pay. Others use our standard Third Party Billing Authorization electronic form. Regardless of the format, all contracts or letters must include the following information:

  • Agency/sponsor email address (to set up in the Sponsorpoint software)
  • Agency/sponsor name and contact information
  • Date the award applies to (e.g. Fall 2023, Spring 2024, etc.)
  • Purchase order number (for government contracts)
  • Specific charges to be covered (e.g., tuition, fees, books, etc.)
  • Student’s 8-digit UAID number and name or list of students that will be covered

Please submit all authorizations to by the published fee payment deadlines for students to avoid late fees. To ensure authorizations are processed in time and the student has enough time to pay any remaining charges, we ask that authorizations be submitted at least a week before the fee payment deadline.

When Will Billings be received?

Approximately midway through the semester, UAA will finalize the semester bill for your Agency to pay. We use our partner- Touchnet Sponsorpoint software for billing. This tool provides a transparent, user-friendly, and efficient way to view and pay your bills. All transactions are posted electronically whether through ACH/EFT  or via Credit Card. The software is secure and easy to use.

What is Sponsorpoint?

 We use a third-party partner - Touchnet Sponsorpoint software to prepare and send out billing information to Agencies. Some key features that Sponsorpoint offers are:

  • Statements and payment history can be viewed in real-time 24/7
  • Payments can be made online in real-time using a credit card or ACH/EFT
  • Provides Remittances to specify payment intent if your organization is unable to post electronic payments
  • Improves data security
  • Offers self-service information for sponsors
  • Sponsors can invite others within the organization to view and pay on invoices

If you have more questions regarding Sponsorpoint, please get in touch with Agency
Instructions on first-time setups can be found here Step-by-Step Sponsorpoint Instructions

Ways to Pay Your Invoice:

UAA is striving to get all our Agencies into the Sponsorpoint software for ease of electronic payments. If your organization is unable to pay via electronic funds (card or ACH payments), you may send paper checks to:

UAA Office of the Bursar
ATTN: Cashiering
PO Box 141609
Anchorage AK 99514




Veteran Billing

Chapter 31 and Benefits

Students who are using Veteran Education Benefits Chapter 31 or Chapter 33 will need to ensure that they have completed all requirements with the VA and have completed an Education Benefits Certification Request each semester with UAA’s Military & Veteran Student Services. Students who do not complete all requirements before published fee payment deadlines may be subject to late fees. Payment for these chapters comes directly to UAA for certified courses.

Military Billing and Tuition Assistance
Chapters 30, 35, and 1606

Students who are using these chapters are responsible for paying their student accounts by published fee payment deadlines. Payments for these chapters go directly to the student. More information for these chapters can be found on UAA’s Military & Veteran Student Services.

Tuition Assistance

The Tuition Assistance program provides educational assistance to active-duty military members. Eligible service members could be funded up to $250 per tuition credit hour. Please note that these funds do not cover any course or lab fees. For additional information or questions regarding specific tuition assistance limits, visit your local Education Center or refer to the Military Programs website.




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