About Organizations

Please note the below site is still being worked on.

Organizations in 25Live can be student groups; University of Alaska departments and programs; businesses; non-profits and government agencies. Individuals should only be entered as an Organization if, they have a business license. If 25Live requires a Primary Organization and the event is for an individual use the Organization "Individual: See Contacts".

Tips for Searching

When searching for organizations make sure not to search by the entities full name. The organization name may not match 100% what you search for. Pick a word or words that should be in the name and not commonly misspelled. Keyword searches will look for the text you entered anywhere in the Organization Name or Title of all organizations. In some cases, it works to use the part of an uncommon word that people do not usually misspell.

It can be helpful to keep in mind the below possible problems with Organization names.

  • There could be a spelling error or other typo. Remember that many people across the University of Alaska System can enter and edit Organizations in 25Live.
  • Be careful of abbreviations. The use of abbreviations should be very limited in 25Live. If you search by a fully abbreviated organization (example: ANSEP) and you need to search by part of the actual organization name. Try not to search by words that are commonly abbreviated or the abbreviations for those words. Some words have more than one accepted abbreviation. Some abbreviations have more than one meaning.
  • The name you know them by, may not match what others know them as. Organizations can have multiple ways in which they refer to themselves. Sometimes people come up with their own way of referring to a company or organization, these should not be used in 25Live but there is no way to prevent it from happening.
  • Organization can change their names and they may still be in 25Live under an old name.
  • Although the System Administrator does review Organizations a couple times a year to fix incorrectly entered Organization, they can still exist.

Rules for Adding

Before adding an Organization, you should search carefully for the entity to prevent the creation of duplicate organizations. It is very time consuming to fix duplicate Organizations. If a user is found to have created an obvious duplicate, they will first get a notification/warning email from the System Administrator. If they continue to create obvious duplicate Organizations then they will lose the access to create Organizations in 25Live.

Individuals should not be entered as an Organization unless they have a business license.

Below is additional information about what should be entered in specific fields.

Organization Name: DBA (Doing Business As) name or name the organization goes by. If they have an official DBA name, listed on their W-9, that should be used. All University of Alaska departments, programs and student groups must have the campus abbreviation in the front of the Organization Name. Abbreviations should only be used if on the list of Approved Abbreviations or you run out of space. See the section on this page for Naming Rules by Type see how different entities should be entered.  

The below characters should not be used because they cause problems with searching.
-   (short dash)
‘   (single quote)
,   (comma)
:   (Colon)

Organization Title: Legal name that matches their W-9. If it is a University Department it should match their official name which can be found in the University Directory. Abbreviations should only be used if they are on the Approved Abbreviations list or on the W-9. See the section on this page for Naming Rules by Type see how different entities should be entered.

Organization Type: Organization Types can control other things in 25Live so it is very important that Organizations be assigned to the correct Type. Only official University Departments that are funded by the University should be assigned to a University.

Just because they have an office on Campus does not make them a University Department. There are a lot of Government funded offices on campus. The University also has partnerships with Organizations that have offices on campus but they are actually run by the Organization which is usually a Non-Profit.

The best way to check if an Organization is a Non-Profit is to go to their website. If it has .org they are a non-profit. Otherwise it should state somewhere on the site that it is a Non-Profit. If it does not, you should not consider it a Non Profit. There are a lot of companies that may seem like they a church or other entity that is usually a Non-Profits but are not, you should always verify they are a Non-Profit before assigning them to the Non-Profit Type. 

Student Clubs are not University Departments they get funding from different sources and because of this should always be assigned as a Student Club.

Naming Rules by Type


[government name or abbreviation] [Department/Agency]

State of Alaska Department of Education
SOA Department of Education
Alaska Department of Education
US Transportation and Safety Agency
Anchorage Department of Education
Anchorage School District, King Career Center

University of Alaska Entities Including Student Groups

[Campus Abbreviation] [Department]

UAA Conference Services
UA Financial Services