25Live User Help

This page contains information to help you use and fix problems with 25Live. If you do not find the answer to your question or problem please contact the UAA IT Technical Support Center.

If you wish to receive emails about updates and changes to 25Live you can subscribe to the 25Live Schedulers listserve. All users given advanced permissions are automatically added to this listserve. If you are a member of the listserve you can also email questions to the other members about 25Live.

Important Information About Web Browsers

Since 25Live is a web application, the browser and its settings you use can affect how the application works. 25Live will work in most browsers but for best operation you should make sure your browsers has the below settings for the 25Live website.

Please note these pages only contain the most commonly used browsers and may not have the most current instructions for your browsers. If these instructions do not have your browser or do not work you can try  a web search or contact the UAA IT Call Center.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why isn't my Login working?

    Below are the most common reasons that people have trouble logging in.

    1. Do not add @alaska.edu to your login name. Login and password should be exactly the same as when logging into UAOnline.
    2. If login and password automatically fill in when going to the webpage, try manually entering both. This is a browser function and it can pull old or incorrect information. It is never recommended to save logins and passwords in your browser.
    3. Repeated typo of password, this is actually very easy to do. This program does not warn you if you have caps lock on or number lock off. This is also common when people change keyboards, even if the layout is exactly the same. Sometimes there are keys on the keyboard that require pressing harder than they did before. This can make you miss characters you thought you hit. Try typing slowly and make sure you press each button all the way. Sounds silly but it works.
    4. Password for UAOnline was recently changed. If you did not change your password using me.uaa.alaska.edu then the University authentication used by different softwares are out of sync. This results in being able to login to some University applications fine but not others. Go to me.uaa.alaska.edu, login and sync your passwords. Contact the UAA IT Call Center if you need assistance.
  • There is no login box on the website.
    This is browser related so either try a different browser and/or check to make sure you have the proper browser settings listed under Important Information About Web Browsers, at the top of this page.
  • What is the status of my Location or Resource Request?

    To see the status of any request you will need to look at the Task List for your event. It may be helpful to remember that in 25Live all Requests are Tasks. There is a help document and video available under the Documents & Videos page.

  • Why is my event not saving?

    There are a couple reasons that your event may not save. An error message should appear telling you what is wrong. The error message will appear as either a pop up box or as red text in the Event Form.

    • Red Text, means that required fields were not completed. When you try and save the Event From should jump to the area that is not completed. Please be aware that there could be more than one area that is incomplete. If you hit save after filling in the missing information it will jump you to the next are with missing information if there is one.
    • Popup boxes can be for various reasons. If it is not clear what the problem is contact the UAA Technical Support Center or the 25Live System Administrator. 
  • The Location is not in 25Live.

    All schedulable spaces, not limited to rooms, are in 25Live. They are loaded into 25Live from the Facilities System. You may not be able to find it because you are searching by the wrong keyword. This could be for any of the below reasons,

    • The building abbreviation you are searching for is not the official abbreviation. Try searching by a word in the building name.
    • The room number may not be correct. There have been a few cases where the room number posted outside the room does not match the Floor Plan and what Facilities has on file. We believe all of these have been resolved. If you discover one that is wrong please email the 25Live System Administrator.
    • If you are searching for Location in the Event Wizard it may be there but is not appearing in your search results. See "Why is the location I searched for not appearing in the Event Wizard?" for further help.
  • Why is the Location not appearing in the Event Wizard?

    On the Location search section there is a check box to only show Locations without conflicts. If this is checked it will not show any Locations that meet one of the two below criteria,

    1. You do not have privileges to request/assign the space.
    2. There are other events in the space during the dates and times of your event.

    Uncheck this box to see the location. The icon to the right of the location name will indicate the reason. Hovering over the icon will provide details on the reason.

  • Why can't I select the Location I want?

    First you need to find out if the Location is setup to be scheduled in 25Live.

    1. Click on the location name it should take you to the location page
    2. Make sure you are on the Details (Pro) or Summary (Mobile) tab.
    3. Look under the Categories section for the words “Scheduled in 25Live”. If you cannot find there words it means the location has not been setup to be scheduled in 25Live.

    There reason is one of the below depending on what you determine by following the above instructions.

    If location is Scheduled in 25Live: Means you do not have permissions to request this location. This decision would have been made by the department that has assigning authority over the location. IF you would like to be able to request the space through 25Live you need to contact the person listed as the "Assigning Permissions Contact".

    If location is NOT Scheduled in 25Live: The department that has been given assigning permissions to the location has not set it up to be scheduled in 25Live. You cannot request the use of this Location in 25Live. If you have already gotten approval to use this location from the department then you can request the Location ANY NS in 25Live. Then attach the approval for the department and put the location you which to be scheduled in the comments field. This will send a Task to the System Administrator so they can assign the location to your event.