Sample Calendars Views

This calendar shows the different views you can add to your Calendar. Each view is an additional tab on your calendar. The tab name below matches the name of the view in 25Live Publisher but can be changed to whatever you want. Each view has different setting that change the way it displays; the views below use the default settings. If you want details on options for any of the below views please email the 25Live System Administrator.

To add this type of Calendar to your webpage use the 25Live Control Spud snippet. To see what all of the options on the snipped do take a look at the Sample Calendar Control Spuds. All Calendars will auto resize to fit the space they are in. Length can also be controlled by limiting the number of events per page which is one of the additional options that can be set by view.

You can also use this calendar to see what your events would look like on different views. This calendar includes all events in 25Live that are already set to appear on any of the UAA Master Calendars. If your event is not already set to appear on one of them, simply add the Resource "Sample Calendar: Used for Preview" to your event in 25Live and within 30 minutes it will appear on the below calendar.