The Alaska Native Studies Conference

Alaska Native Studies at the University of Alaska celebrates the revival of Alaska Native languages and the study of Indigenous ways of knowing in and around the state of Alaska. Each year, the Alaska Native Studies Conference brings faculty, staff, and students from the state-wide University of Alaska system together. The conference is open to the public and registration is free for Elders and students. For more details and to register, see the Alaska Native Studies Conference website. Overall coordination of the conference is under the leadership of the UA Alaska Native Studies Council.

Traditional Alaska Native Totem in Southeast Alaska

Alaska Native Studies Council

The Alaska Native Studies Council promotes a deeper and more sustained commitment to integrating Indigenous perspectives into a variety of educational settings. Our mission is to identify, develop, and implement Native-focused curricula, to promote and publish Alaska Native-related research and pedagogical strategies, and to develop a strategic plan to help us attain these goals.

Program Committee

  • Jeane Breinig
  • Sharon Lind
  • Beth Leonard
  • Maria Williams
  • Paul Ongtooguk
  • E.J. David
  • Amanda Kookesh
  • Rebecca Dreier
  • Crystalyn Lemieux
  • Maria Crouch
  • Medeia Csoba-DeHass
  • Ryan Harrod
  • Heidi Senungetuk
  • X’unei Twitchell
  • Roy Mitchell
  • Tony Kaliss
  • Kirsten Anderson

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