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Atwood Chair of Journalism

The Atwood Chair of Journalism was established at the University of Alaska Anchorage in 1979 by Robert B. Atwood, publisher of the Anchorage Times, and his wife, Evangeline Atwood, to help advance the quality of journalism in Alaska.

The professorship offers UAA students, faculty, media professionals and the public the opportunity to interact with and learn from journalists of national prominence.

Meet Our Current Atwood Chair Patricio Espinoza

Before the pandemic, Patricio Espinoza had the opportunity to visit Alaska and traveled across the state this summer. He said he was instantly hooked by the state’s beauty and the unique culture as well as the potential to research and produce many stories about Alaska and its people. Coincidentally, he met Larry Persily, the current Atwood Chair, who encouraged him to contact the university. When Espinoza learned of the Atwood Chair, he said he jumped at the chance and is hopeful he will spend some time in the 49th state before the summer ends and in the winter months to experience the Iditarod and other winter activities.

Despite needing to adapt the traditional classroom experience because of COVID-19, Espinoza is looking forward to a great year at UAA. He hopes that in addition to inspiring his students, he can also inspire faculty, alumni, and the community interested in learning more about multimedia and digital storytelling news in a rapidly changing world.

“I would like to encourage the community to support UAA and the journalism program so that the stories that are being told can be published in the community,” Espinoza said. “I think that’s especially important in today’s world.”