What is the major? A Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Public Communications

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Journalism and Public Communications (JPC) prepares students to engage in the role that free expression and communication play in a global society. Students create professional-quality projects in print, audio, video, and multimedia. Graduates are prepared for careers and graduate school because of hands-on experience and an emphasis on ethics, effective communication in a variety of contexts and formats, critical thinking, and community-engaged research and creative activity. 

Admission Requirements Graduation Requirements
Core Courses
JPC A104Media Literacy3
JPC A201Reporting and Writing News3
JPC A202First Amendment and Media Ethics3
JPC A203Multimedia Storytelling I3
Complete one of the following courses:3
JPC A210
Infographics, Data Visualization and Strategy
JPC A212
Editing for Journalism and Public Communications
JPC A213
Digital Imaging
Complete two of the following courses:6
JPC A312
History of Alaska Media
JPC A313
Film and the First Amendment
JPC A314
Documentary Filmmakers and Filmmaking
JPC A404
Global Media
Communications Law
Integrative Capstone3
JPC A403
Communications and Media Research
JPC A492
JPC Capstone Seminar
Complete six of the following courses:18
JPC A342
JPC A343
Radio News Reporting
JPC A344
Television News Reporting
JPC A345
Web Design
JPC A362
Principles of Strategic Communications
JPC A366
Planning and Writing for Strategic Communications
JPC A368
Commercial Photography
JPC A382
JPC A383
TV Studio Production
JPC A384
Digital Video Production
JPC A443
Public Service Reporting
JPC A445
JPC A463
Crisis Communications
JPC A464
Community and Fundraising Communications
JPC A465
Strategic Communications Campaigns
JPC A484
Digital Film Production
JPC A490
Selected Topics in Journalism and Public Communications
JPC A495
JPC Practica and Internships 1
Interdisciplinary electives3
Complete one of the following courses:
Alaska Native Perspectives
CEL A292
Introduction to Civic Engagement
BA A286
Entrepreneurship and Innovation
BA A381
Consumer Behavior and Relationship Management
BA A480
Marketing Media Analytics
Principles of Microeconomics
Principles of Macroeconomics
Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies
History of the United States I
Themes in World History
Ethics in Criminal Justice Practice and Policy
Professional Ethics
PS A301
Comparative Political Economy
PS A324
Model United Nations
PSY A375
Social Psychology

Only JPC juniors and seniors with a 3.00 GPA may enroll in JPC A495. JPC practica require an approved academic plan and the approval of the appropriate JPC media advisor or UAA-based workplace supervisor. JPC internships require the approval of the director of JPC internships.

A minimum of 120 credits is required for the degree, of which 39 credits must be upper-division.

Honors in Journalism and Public Communications

Students majoring in journalism and public communications are eligible to graduate with departmental honors if they satisfy all of the following requirements:

  • Meet the requirements for a BA in Journalism and Public Communications;
  • Maintain an overall and JPC specific minimum GPA of 3.50;
  • Complete JPC A403 or JPC A492 with a minimum grade of B.