Seeking Global Justice in a Chaotic World

February 27-29, 2020

A Letter From Secretary-General Tuan Graziano

T. Graziano

To the delegates of this conference:

As we enter the new decade, it is appropriate to look back at the history we have forged these past years. We have made great strides towards peace and justice for all. From reducing poverty and mortality rates, to improving economic, social, and political rights, we have worked diligently to uphold the principles and values of the United Nations. Our efforts have seen affirmation with the establishment of the Sustainable Development Goals; a foundation for us to achieve an enduring future. However, as always there is much work to be done, and many still suffer from deep-rooted inequality. While we eradicate the injustices of today, the injustices of tomorrow are always present.

Such atrocities exist in various forms and are composed of extremely complex aspects that are especially apparent on an international stage. Gender and economic inequality, discrimination of basic human rights, and the horrific treatment of our fellow people plague nations. The climate crisis we face is one such critical issue that can unjustly affect the poverty stricken disproportionately compared to the more fortunate of this world.  It is vital that nations recognize the immediate threat climate change poses to all. More and more proof of our negative impact on the environment is made evident every day. There will be a point of no return unless all nations unify in the effort to combat such a threat to the existence of planet.

The young people around the world have recognized the importance of these struggles. In nations far and wide, young people are tackling the tough issues of climate change, gender inequality, social justice and human rights. They represent the future we are all inspired to achieve, not just for our own countries but for humanity as a whole. As we forge on through these trying times, I think about these people who so solemnly fight in perilous times and encourage them in their endeavors.

It is imperative that all nations remember the great strides human civilization has made on the foundation of cooperation, peace, and equality. We stand on the precipice of a time of heightened geopolitical tension that has not existed in years. When countries are reigniting their strides towards nuclear armament in times where disarmament should be the standard and environmental disasters ravage several countries around the world, we must practice restraint and mindfulness. The rash actions born out of saber-rattling and intimidation will never solve the problems that we face today. I urge the nations and delegates of this upcoming conference to stand with me in action and in hope of preserving the peace and justice we have so long fought for.

Tuan Graziano

Secretary-General of the Model United Nations of Alaska