February 21 – 23, 2019

The Practice of Diplomacy: A Letter From Secretary-General Tuan Graziano

T. Graziano

 In the history of human society there have been few struggles as prevalent and long-lasting as inequality. A struggle that takes on so many forms and exists in so many permutations. Inequality of religion, of sexuality, of gender, of indigenous history, of social and economic class, and numerous more in every corner of the world. It is the source thousands of conflicts, the deaths of tens of millions, and millennia of grief.

One could claim that this struggle is a losing battle which sees no end in sight. Even after facing this threat since the inception of society, we continue to falter. The detention of millions due to their religion, despite the horrific events 80 years past. The continuation of criminalization for sexuality despite its legality in more than half of the nations in the world. The continued abuse of indigenous groups around the world. We reside in the modern age yet continue to harbor age old notions of equality

However, even as inequality continues to be as prevalent as ever, the drive to push back continues to grow. Inequality may be an ugly topic, one that many us refuse to even acknowledge let alone confront, but it is a topic that must be discussed. While it may seem like a never-ending struggle, the progress and head way that have been made against inequality has led to the betterment of human kind. It is paramount that we continue having this dialogue, that we continue to strive towards a more just world.

Therefore, it is the privilege of the Model United Nations of Alaska to present new committees and perspectives that will serve to help us understand and address such a monumental challenge. Through real life experience at the United Nations and tireless work, we are proud to be able to provide such a unique experience in such challenging times.

The task is daunting and encompasses many challenges. But we must forge on because like so many other problems in our world the alternative is dark and detrimental. And so, I encourage you, delegates, to continue and strive on.

Tuan Graziano