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UNSC: Remedying the Kerch Strait Incident

UNSC 2019
Sponsor: Russian Federation
Signatories: Peru

Remedying the Kerch Strait Incident

Recognizing the rights to free trade within the Kerch Strait;

Recalling the 2018 Kerch Strait incident involving Ukraine and Russian Federation;

Bearing in mind the principles of the UN and its efforts to achieve world peace;

Welcoming the participation of other delegations on this matter;

  1. Calls upon all relevant actors to cease military activity within the Kerch Strait region,
    1. Designates observers to monitor the region,
    2. Designates the Kerch Strait as an Exclusive Economic Zone,
  2. Acknowledges that non-Russian military vessels may not come within 12 nautical miles of the Crimean waters, unless permission is given from the Russian Federation as defined in a previous UN resolution, Territorial Sea and Contiguous Zone under Article 3
    1. International Law and previous UN resolutions will be applied in a manner that understands this territory is sovereign to Russia,
  3. Encourages member states to recognize Crimea as a province of the Russian Federation,
  4. Condemns the actions made by the government of Ukraine for escalating the incident,
  5. Heavily encourages Ukraine to listen to the will of their people and preserve their elections,
  6. Calls upon Member States to sanction Ukraine if their elections are delayed past Sunday, March 31st,
    1. Ukraine is to be given an eight day window to hold their elections or the following will occur:
      1. The recognition of a different political leader of Ukraine other than the current incumbent,
        1. The definition of the new said leader will be up to the discretion of the UN and the Ukrainian people in a separate resolution,
      2. Member States would cease trade including but not limited to:
        1. Military related supplies,
        2. Agricultural equipment,
        3. Material for building infrastructure,
      3. Member States would exempt the following from the sanctions:
        1. Oil imports to provide stable gas supply into Europe,
        2. Humanitarian aid to provide needed supplies to the residents of Ukraine affected by the regime.