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UNSC: A Solution for the Scourge of Terrorism and Middle East Collusion

UNSC 2015
Sponsors: Russian Federation

Topic: A Solution for the Scourge of Terrorism and Middle East Collusion

The United Nations Security Council,

Deeply concerned at how incredibly unstable the Middle East region has become,

Recognizing that the robust development of terrorist organizations, as well as the rise of new extremist factions, such as ISIS, are adding substantially to the discordant hum of violence within the Middle East,

Noting that ISIS makes at least $1 million per day from selling seized oil, which it uses to help fund propaganda and tactical assaults,

Understanding that 20% of the world’s oil is exported through the Strait of Hormuz and that 66% of OPEC’s oil reserves are located in the Middle East;

Recalling that terrorist organizations have demonstrated a willingness to befuddle the international community by embedding themselves within seemingly legitimate sovereign nations, taking command of shipping vessels, wreaking havoc, and promoting rule without law, thereby endangering every seafaring state in the world,

  1. Calls For a complete naval blockade of the Strait of Hormuz and the Red Sea in order to prevent terrorist organizations from taking advantage of cargo ships and port cities, as well as limit the funds ISIS receives from illegal oil sales and create international solidarity on the need for accountability towards the Gulf States in regards to their lukewarm stance on the eradication of terrorism from the region;
  2. Demands that Gulf Nations take responsibility for the infestation of radicalism that has plagued the international community by taking substantive action to reduce the size, scope, and proliferation of armed non-state actors;
  3. Further requests nations donate naval ships to maintain and patrol the blockade, until Gulf States assume further responsibility for their lack of accountability and implement a concrete plan to eliminate ISIS by themselves; 
  4. Adds that Russia will withdraw all military forces from Ukraine in order to show its commitment to this mission;

Requires that the fourth clause be struck if any amendments made are not friendly.