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Geomatics ABET Accreditation

The Bachelor of Science in Geomatics is accredited by the Applied Science Accreditation Commission of ABET, Program- specific Enrollment and Award Data is available here.

Program Educational Objectives

Within a few years of graduation, graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Geomatics program:

  • Have attempted the AELS Board’s Fundamentals of Surveying examination, if they are pursuing careers in the surveying area.
  • Have attempted equivalent professional certification or registration, e.g., CP or GISP, as appropriate for their career path, if they are pursuing careers in a non-surveying area.
  • Obtain membership in one or more professional organizations relevant to their career of choice.
  • Be employed in the fields within the geomatics disciplines, including surveying of various types, mapping and cartography, GIS/LIS, remote sensing, geodesy, photogrammetry or hydrographic surveying.
  • Continue their professional development by participating in professional development courses or sessions, or complete higher education courses.
  • Teach at least one workshop or training session, make one conference presentation, or publish one article relevant to their career.

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