Online Geomatics Courses

In Fall 2017, The Geomatics Department began transitioning its courses to a synchronous offering of both face-to-face and online attendance, allowing students who cannot be physically present on the UAA campus to attend class and obtain a degree. Please note, the following courses contain a face to face lab component or alternate lab arrangements for online students, which must be preapproved by department chair for online attendance: GEO A156, GEO A256, GEO A266, and GEO A466. Please contact Department Chair Caixia Wang for further details.

The following schedule represents the first time that each course will be offered via distance delivery. The courses will continue to be offered on a regular basis thereafter.

Prefix Number Title
Fall 2017
GEO A146 Geomatics Computations I
GEO A156 Fundamentals of Surveying
GIS A101 Introduction to GIS
GIS A301 Spatial Data Structures
Spring 2018
GEO A157 CAD for Surveyors
GEO A246 Geomatics Computations II
GEO A267 Boundary Law I
Fall 2018
GEO A359 Geodesy and Map Projections
GEO  A364  Spatial Data Adjustments I 
GIS A458 Spatial Data Management 
Spring 2019
GEO A366 Spatial Data Adjustments II
GEO A369 Cadastral Surveys
GEO A457 Boundary Law II
GIS A201 Intermediate GIS
Fall 2019
GEO A256 Engineering Surveying
GEO  A266 Advanced Surveying 
GEO A466 Geopositioning
Spring 2020
GEO A460 Geomatics Capstone Project
GIS A466 Spatial Analysis
Fall 2020
GEO A410 High-Density Surveying
GIS A351 Remote Sensing
GIS A367 Image Analysis
Spring 2021
GEO A357 Photogrammetry
GEO A420 Point Cloud Analysis