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Geomatics Advisory Board


The UAA College of Engineering Geomatics Advisory Board (GAB) is to serve as an advocate for the UAA Geomatics Department.  Advice will be provided about industry needs, academic programs, career opportunities for students, staffing, and budget matters.  The GAB will support the Geomatics department in outreach activities to educate the public about program benefits.

Current Members

  • Buchanan, Steve (Chair) - SurvBase, LLC
  • Brooks, Paul - AC Global Air Ambulance
  • Butterer, Aaron - Alaska Railroad
  • Cusick, Joel - National Park Service
  • Ditmer, Isaiah - Kodiak Mapping Inc.
  • Dowling, Jennifer - DAT/EM Systems International
  • Gabrielson, Eric - Design Alaska
  • Gutzwiller, Brian - Michael Baker International
  • Huhta, Kurt - Bureau of Land Management
  • Koltun, John - Integrated Geospatial, LLC
  • Moll, Stan - DAT/EM Systems International
  • Newman, Tom - TerraSond Limited
  • Preston, William - R&M Consultants, Inc.
  • Quinn, Kevin - Kodiak Mapping Inc.
  • Schmitt, Steve - Municipality of Anchorage
  • Sharp, Jim - HDL Engineering Consultants
  • Yates, Jeff - DAT/EM Systems International

Other participants

  • Davis, Don - UAA Emeritus Professor
  • Robicheau, Neil - Frontier Precision/Alaska Society of Professional Land Surveyors
  • Geomatics faculty
  • Geomatics Student Association