Special Circumstances

The federal government allows the UAA Office of Financial Aid to consider situations that may affect your ability to either file the FAFSA or to report financial information.

Three types of "special circumstances" are allowed to be considered under the FAFSA guidance:

1Income Override

If you or your family have experienced unforeseen financial changes due to job loss, income reduction, asset value reduction, illness, etc. or you are facing increased educational expenses that affect your ability to fund your degree.

2Requests for Dependency Override

A student who is unable to maintain contact with the parent who would normally be required to fill out the FAFSA with the dependent student.

3Cost of Attendance/Budget Adjustment

Certain costs not included in the standard "cost of attendance" estimate, such as childcare, course-related equipment, additional credit load, or a one-time computer purchase are permitted to be considered.

form with exclamation mark on itTo request to be considered for any of these special circumstances, complete the request form(s) found in the “Appeals/Exceptions” section of the UAA Financial Aid Forms page.