Check Your Financial Aid Status

How do I know if I've been awarded?

Completing the FAFSA is one of the most important steps for financial aid eligibility. Once UAA receives your FAFSA, it will determine your eligibility not only for federal and state financial aid, but will also increase your chances of being awarded scholarships. Some students are offered financial aid within a few days of us receiving the FAFSA, while others are required by the federal government to verify additional information or turn in missing documentation.

The Office of Financial Aid will contact you by email and include a link so you can review your student account in UAOnline. Most additional information or requested documents must be submitted within UAOnline or emailed before we're permitted to offer awards. If your FAFSA file contains incomplete or inaccurate information or you make changes to your application after we've begun processing your award eligibility, you may experience processing delays.

  • Update Your Personal Information

    Sometimes UAA needs to contact you to send left over financial aid money after paying off your charges or to collect additional paperwork BEFORE you become eligible for aid. Make sure your local mailing address, phone number, and preferred email address are listed correctly on the "Personal Information" tab in UAOnline. University of Alaska students currently registered for classes are eligible for a free UAA email account. Instructions on how to access this account can be found on the IT services website.

  • Check to See if You've Been Awarded

    You are responsible for monitoring your Financial Aid status, therefore it is important that you do the following things:

    • Check your UAOnline "Financial Aid" tab frequently. 
    • If you are required to submit additional documentation to our office, we encourage you do so as soon as possible, to prevent delay in awarding.  Some forms will be submitted from within the UAOnline portal, whereas others identify how to deliver it on the form itself.
    • UAOnline will allow you to view overall status, holds, academic progress, cost of attendance, financial aid offers, and messages.
    • Check for notifications on your UAA student email account. The Office of Financial Aid communicates with students primarily through either UAA student email accounts and/or *UAOnline-preferred email accounts. 

      * If the student designates a preferred email address on the "Personal Information" tab of UAOnline, all further financial aid messages will be sent to this account.

    • Go to UAOnline
    • Click on the Financial Aid tab
    • Select UAA
    • Select Award
    • Select Award by Aid Year
    • Select the appropriate Academic Year
    • Select Award Overview
  • View Your Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

    Students who are not in an "eligible" or approved probationary SAP status are not eligible for federal, state, and institutional financial aid. Some alternative loan lenders may not require and eligible status and can help students to pay off a prior balance on a student account. 

    1. Go to UAOnline
    2. Click on the Financial Aid tab
    3. Select UAA
    4. Select Financial Aid Status
    5. Select the appropriate Academic Year
    6. Review your overall financial aid status. Your Academic Progress (SAP) status will be listed

    Students who wish to file a SAP Appeal, should refer to "Student Responsibilities - Satisfactory Academic Progress" 

    • Eligible SAP Statuses:  "Eligible", "Warning", "125 Warning", and "Probation"
    • Ineligible SAP Status: "Ineligible", "Exceeds Timeframe -IN150", and "Did Not Fulfill Academic Plan - DNFAP"
  • Review if Holds and Missing Documents Exist and Resolve Them
    1. Go to UAOnline
    2. Click on the Financial Aid tab
    3. Select UAA
    4. Select Eligibility
    5. Select Student Requirements or Holds as appropriate
    6. Select the appropriate Academic Year
    • Complete Requested Forms

      Verification and Other Requested Documents


      Verification is the process used to confirm the accuracy of the information reported on the Free Application for Federal Student aid (FAFSA).

      If a student is selected for verification, he/she must submit certain information. This may include:

      • Household size
      • Number of household members in college
      • Taxable and non-taxable income
      • Asset information
      • Other data elements reported on the FAFSA

      Students whose FAFSA is selected for verification are required to submit a Verification Worksheet and federal tax transcripts — if they did not use the IRS data retrieval tool when completing their FAFSA. Depending on the verification group they are assigned and other information reported on their FAFSA, we may require students to submit additional documentation. Students selected for verification will be notified through email and UAOnline as to what documentation is required. Financial Aid awards cannot be generated or disbursed until verification is complete. Students that are not initially selected for verification may be selected after they make changes to their FAFSA. If this happens, any financial aid previously awarded will be canceled until the verification process is complete. There is no guarantee that the equivalent types and amount of financial aid will be available when you are repackaged.


      *You may still turn in documents after July 15th, but we cannot guarantee they will be processed before the payment deadline*

      For priority processing and to ensure awards will be packaged before the payment deadline, students must submit all pertinent verification documents prior to July 1 of the academic year in which they are applying. The deadline to submit completed verification documents is 30 days from the last date of enrollment, or the last business day in August — whichever comes first. The deadline for all Financial Aid eligibility for a specific academic year is also the last day of August.

      Failure to submit all required documents will cause processing delays. Not only will it delay all disbursements of federal aid but it will also prevent disbursement of several types of state and institutional aid. Lastly, Students are required to put their UAA ID number on each page of all documents submitted to the Office of Financial Aid.


      Once students submit all the required documentation, they can track the status of their verification through UAOnline. If a verification resulted in making changes to a student's FAFSA, the student will receive an email from the Central Processing Unit at the Department of Education with a new Student Aid Report and his/her verified EFC. Once their verification has been processed, students will receive an email within 7 business days notifying them to check UAOnline to view and accept their award offer.

  • Accept, Decline, or Accept a Partial Amount of your Offered Financial Aid
    1. Go to UAOnline
    2. Click on the Financial Aid tab
    3. Select UAA
    4. Select Award
    5. Select Award by Aid Year
    6. Select the appropriate Academic Year
    7. Select Accept Award Offer
    8. Accepting Federal Direct Student Loans requires an additional step (listed below)
  • Complete Steps to Receive Federal Student and/or Parent Loan Applications

    First-time undergraduate and graduate borrowers of federal student loans must complete the following tasks at: Select either the"Undergraduate Students", "Graduate/Professional Students", or "Parent Borrowers" tab and follow the list of steps to apply:

    1. Entrance Loan Counseling: Students who have not previously received a subsidized/unsubsidized loan or PLUS loan for graduate/professional students under the Direct Loan Program are required to complete the online tutorial to ensure that they understand the responsibilities and obligations assumed when borrowing a loan. The entire counseling process must be completed in a single session. Most people complete counseling in 20-30 minutes.
    2. Master Promissory Note (MPN): The MPN is an official, legal document in which the borrower agrees to terms, conditions, and repayment requirements for a federal student loan(s) also known as a "Loan Agreement". Once the MPN is completed, this agreement will also be applied to subsequent Federal Student Loans borrowed in the next 10 years. The MPN is only required to be completed once unless a student borrows again 10 years later. Most people complete it in 20-30 minutes. Contact information for two references is required.
    3. Federal PARENT PLUS Loan Borrowers: Parents of dependent students who elect to take out a federal loan on behalf of a UAA student have several steps to complete in the process.

    Visit and select the "Parent Borrowers" tab:

    1. Complete the Loan Agreement for a PLUS Loan (MPN)
    2. Complete a Parent PLUS Loan Request Form*, available on the UAA Financial Aid Forms page

    *If the parent-applicant's credit score is approved by the federal processor, the funds will be applied to the student's UAA account and will be used to pay any outstanding tuition, housing or other qualified charges. This form also allows the parent to inform UAA how to disburse any remaining loan credit balance, resulting from the PLUS loan deposit.*If the parent-applicant's credit score is not approved, the dependent student may speak to a UAA Financial Aid Advisor about gaining additional loan eligibility in the current academic year.