FCS Staff

Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor

Kim Mahoney
Associate Vice Chancellor
E-mail: kmahone1@alaska.edu
Office: 907.786.4912
Mobile: 907.242.3102

Ryan Buchholdt
Deputy Director AVC
Sustainability and Business Manager

E-mail: rcbuchholdt@alaska.edu
Office: 907.786.1346
Mobile: 907.317.2980

Joe Howell
Work Management, Data, and Fiscal Manager
E-mail: jphowell@alaska.edu
Office: 907.786.1114
Mobile: 907.229.1911

Steffanie Miller
Fiscal Technician
E-mail: seshlema@alaska.edu
Office: 907.786.1112

Micah Chelimo
Facilities Engineer
E-mail: mchelimo@alaska.edu
Office: 907.786.4089


Planning &Construction

Chris McConnell
E-mail: ccmcconnell@alaska.edu
Office: 907.786.6764

Maintenance & Operations

Phil Bacher
Associate Director of Maintenance
E-mail: pjbacher@alaska.edu
Office: 907.786.6947

Heather Pawlak
Associate Director of Operations
E-mail: hlpawlak@alaska.edu
Office: 907.786.4826


Tim Edwards
Director of Safety
E-mail: tmedwards202@alaska.edu
Office: 907.786.1334