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Dr. Jerry Kudenov

Jerry Kudenov, Ph.D.

Emeritus Professor
Department of Biological Sciences


  • 1970-1974 Ph.D., University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona: Invertebrate Zoology: Marine Biology
  • 1968-1970 M.S., University of the Pacific, Pacific Marine Station, Dillon Beach, California: Marine Zoology.
  • 1966-1968 B.A. University of California, San Diego: Molecular Biology.
  • 1964-1966 A.A., Foothill College, Los Altos, California, Associate in Arts.

Research Interests

Invertebrate Ecology, Systematics, Microscopy


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  • Barroso R, Filgueiras D, Contins M & Kudenov J. 2017. First report of the fireworm Hermodice carunculata (Annelida: Amphinomidae) preying on a Sea Cucumber. International Journal of Aquatic Biology, 5(4): 282-285.
  • Barroso R, Kudenov JD, Halanych KM, Saeedi H, Sumida PYG, Bernardino AF. 2018. A new species of xylophylic fireworm (Annelida: Amphinomidae: Cryptonome) from deep-sea wood falls in the SW Atlantic. Deep-Sea Research Part I, In press.
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