Philosophy B.A.

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    Philosophy B.A.

    Examine rich traditions of the world and explore local and global issues — past and present — to develop a fundamental understanding of human existence, behavior and knowledge from diverse perspectives.

Explore the philosophy bachelor’s degree program at the University of Alaska Anchorage

Supporting freedom of inquiry, integrity in study and the pursuit of knowledge, UAA’s Bachelor of Arts in philosophy degree program prepares you to critically examine and adapt to a changing world as a responsible global citizen.

Philosophy scholarships, grants and financial aid
As a philosophy major, faculty will support you as you pursue and win national scholarships, grants and awards to help pay for college and fund research and other academic projects. Learn more by visiting the UAA Office of Financial Aid.

Student advising and support for philosophy majors
Receive individualized attention and guidance from academic and faculty advisors in your area of interest, such as law, religion or ethics. Advisors can help you select appropriate electives to get the most from your undergraduate experience. Plus, advisors write letters of recommendation highlighting skills and expertise, which may help you get into graduate school or get a job.

Online classes and video conferencing
UAA collaborates with the University of Alaska Fairbanks to provide flexible options for completing coursework. Through this partnership, video conferencing is available on both campuses. UAA also offers many online classes in philosophy, so you can complete some of your degree program coursework on your own time, outside of Anchorage.

Honors in philosophy
Earn honors recognition from the Department of Philosophy with a major GPA of 3.75 and a grade of A on a senior research project. Visit the Course Catalog for details.

Student clubs and activities
Choose from 100 student clubs on campus, including the following, which are popular among philosophy majors:
  • Philosophy Club, an undergraduate, student-led club that promotes community activities and enhanced deliberation;
  • and Meditation and Wellness Club, which hosts weekly discussions, light yoga and relaxing meditations.

Philosophy B.A.

Degree Type:

  • Baccalaureate

Program Length: Four Years

Availability:Anchorage campus

Other program options: Minor in philosophy

Did you know..

The annual Alaska Ethics Bowl is a regional tournament for undergraduate students to test their reasoning, critical thinking and advocacy skills. You can join other philosophy majors who train with a faculty member and team up to compete for a chance to go to Nationals.

What can you do with a philosophy degree from UAA?

With a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy degree from the University of Alaska Anchorage, you will be prepared to contribute to any field, from natural and social sciences to art and technology.

Philosophy graduate programs

Philosophy major jobs

  • Lawyer
  • Teacher
  • Social worker
  • Nonprofit executive director
  • Government official or public administrator
  • Accountant
  • Business owner
  • Political scientist

By the numbers..

The average mid-career salary for philosophy majors. College Salary Report 2017–2018

Philosophy bachelor’s degree program highlights

Apply the knowledge and skills you learn while earning your bachelor’s in philosophy degree from the University of Alaska Anchorage. These experiences will help you think critically and create place-based solutions for safe, just, sustainable and healthy communities across Alaska and the world.

  • Engage in public discourse and community activities. As a philosophy major, you can join faculty members who lead public discussions that address significant issues and conflicts in Alaska and beyond.
  • Conduct impactful, community-based research. Work independently or join faculty research projects. The UAA philosophy department is making significant discoveries and achievements in food and environmental ethics, legal ethics, reasoned public debate, local professional ethics and disaster ethics.
  • Learn from and conduct research with highly accomplished faculty. Program faculty, including a new faculty in residence, are internationally and nationally recognized for their grant awards and publications. Their specialties include student-centered teaching in a range of topics, such as professional ethics, philosophy of law, environmental and food ethics, the ethical treatment of animals, biomedical ethics, disaster ethics and public deliberation.
  • Attend talks, panel discussions and special events. You’ll be invited to participate in discussions on current dilemmas and controversies in a variety of topics such as theology, emotions and ethics. For example, attend the Bioethics Lecture Series, which brings together medical professionals from hospitals across Anchorage to discuss pressing issues in health care.
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Develop research projects, presentation skills and an expansive network through UAA’s annual Undergraduate Philosophy Conference, which features a nationally recognized keynote speaker.

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Take advantage of the UAA Ethics Center, an interdisciplinary resource that hosts the annual UAA Ethics Bowl, as well as roundtable discussions and public lectures on UAA’s Public Square, in order to advance research, teaching and outreach related to applied ethics.

UAA Ethics Center
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Sponsored by UAA’s Center for Community Engagement and Learning, the UAA Ethics Center and the UAA School of Social Work, the Dialogues for Public Life initiative offers opportunities to host public deliberation forums on difficult social issues in both local and global communities.

Dialogues for Public Life

Philosophy bachelor’s degree program curriculum

With a commitment to ethics in practice and an emphasis on challenging intellect, the philosophy degree program at UAA will develop your ability to understand a variety of perspectives on any issue. Learn and apply knowledge and skills in critical thinking, verbal reasoning, writing and persuasive communication, all of which are essential skills for any philosophy job.

You may be interested in pairing your philosophy major with a related discipline, such as psychology, English, languages or history, to enhance the value of your bachelor’s degree and increase your career opportunities.

Top classes for philosophy majors

  • Mind and Machines
  • Philosophy of Law
  • Ethics, Community and Society
  • Special Topics seminars on Philosophy of Science, Time and Identity, single philosophers like David Hume and more
  • Ancient and Medieval Philosophy