Political Science B.A.

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    Political Science B.A.

    Open up to the interconnected, global and influential world of politics and launch a successful career in government, business or the nonprofit sector.

Explore the political science bachelor’s degree program at the University of Alaska Anchorage

UAA’s Bachelor of Arts in political science combines philosophical reflection with practical experience to address a wide range of topics in local and international affairs. You will learn to think critically, engage in open dialogue and solve problems to prepare for professional, personal and civic responsibilities.

Political science scholarships and financial aid
In addition to the prestigious Truman Scholarship, you might qualify for departmental, university or private scholarships. Learn more about financial aid opportunities at UAA.

Online classes in political science
Many political science courses are available online, providing added flexibility as you work toward your bachelor’s degree.

Academic advising for political science majors
Academic advisors who specialize in the social sciences will help you develop a plan and stay on track to earn your degree. Advisors are great resources due to their familiarity with degree program requirements and changes in the department.

Honors in political science
Fulfill departmental requirements to graduate with honors in political science. Learn more in the UAA Course Catalog.

Student clubs and activities for political science majors

  • Each year, Model United Nations of Alaska considers one major policy issue, simulating the role of the actual United Nations, which enhances participating students’ insight into the dynamic relationships among countries and regions. Compete with students from different departments at the University of Alaska Anchorage and more than 20 high schools in Alaska.
  • Participate in the Student Political Science Association and gain access to opportunities for collaboration, work experience and networking. PSA events include debates between Alaska political candidates and visits by current and past officers of the Alaska and federal government.

You may also be invited to join Pi Rho chapter of Pi Sigma Alpha, the National Political Science Honor Society, which offers additional opportunities for scholarships, networking and jobs.

Political Science B.A.

Degree Type:

  • Baccalaureate

Concentration: Comparative politics, international relations, political philosophy, American politics

Program Length: Four Years

Availability:Anchorage campus

Other program options: Minors in political science, public administration

Did you know..

UAA political science alumni are influencing state politics through senior staff and press positions with the Alaska Senate majority and minority and with the governor of Alaska.

What can you do with a political science degree from UAA?

With an emphasis on liberal arts, UAA’s Bachelor of Arts in political science will prepare you for a broad array of graduate programs and careers.

Political science graduate programs
UAA political science alumni, including Truman and Rhodes Scholars, have been accepted into prestigious programs across the country such as Claremont University; Portland State University; University of California, Davis; University of Texas and Columbia University. Follow in their footsteps to continue your education in a related graduate school program, such as:

  • Master of Public Administration
  • Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Paralegal Studies
  • Political science

Careers and jobs for political science majors
Alumni who earned a bachelor’s in political science degree work in Alaska and beyond for local and international businesses, government agencies and nonprofit organizations, including:

  • Anchorage Police Department
  • Municipality of Anchorage
  • Third Judicial Court of Alaska
  • Alaska Senate Majority
  • Offices of the Alaska Senator Bill Wielechowski, Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski and Alaska Governor Bill Walker
  • UBS Investment Bank

Political science bachelor’s degree program highlights

UAA’s Bachelor of Arts in political science degree program supplements coursework with a free exchange of ideas and a wide variety of experiential learning and work opportunities in professional settings.

  • Gain hands-on experience working with businesses, government agency or nonprofits.
    • The Ted Stevens Legislative Internship during the legislative session in Juneau is one of the best legislative internships in the nation and includes a stipend award. You can gain experience in public policy formation and legislative politics while broadening your view of the state’s economy and civic life.
    • Washington Center internships provide exposure to national politics and the inner workings of the federal government. Partial and full scholarships are often available to help pay for the college program.
    • Local governmental agencies, such as the Anchorage Assembly, offer internship opportunities to help students experience how local business and local government function and interconnect.
  • Explore opportunities to study abroad and conduct undergraduate research through UAA’s Office of International and Intercultural Affairs and Office of Research. For example, you can work with the Model Arctic Council in Moscow, sponsored by the Moscow State Institute of International Relations.
  • Work with accomplished faculty members who are making a major impact in their respective fields. Their focus areas include self-government by indigenous peoples, democratization in Africa, the formation and development of the American political regime and the statesmanship of Sir Winston Churchill.

Amazing stories from political science majors

I went to the University of Alaska Anchorage for primarily financial reasons. Considering how reasonable tuition is relative to other parts of the country, it was one of the few possibilities I had in terms of higher education. I was consistently blown away by the quality and diligence of the faculty in the Political Science Department. My experiences were challenging, rewarding and thrilling. Dr. Forrest Nabors challenged my peers and me to broaden our perspectives. He pushed us to think critically, while being adept at supporting arguments on both sides of the political spectrum.

Raul Preciado Mendez
B.A. Political Science ’12; Family Stability Coordinator, The Latino Network
Documents and publications related to the Alaska state constitution

The theme of the William H. Seward Lecture Series is Alaska’s politics and government; the theme of the Chartwell Lecture Series is beyond Alaska, national and international politics, government and policies.

A close up of the United States Constitution document

Held annually on September 17 — Constitution Day — the James Madison Cup tests students on their knowledge of the Constitution of the United States. Past winners have enrolled in graduate programs in law, political science and business.

A student talks with a Model UN gavel in from of him

UAA’s Department of Political Science, led by students who comprise The Secretariat, organize and participate in Model United Nations of Alaska. The annual event explores global issues related to a select topic each year

Model UN in Alaska

Political science bachelor’s degree program curriculum

UAA’s Bachelor of Arts in political science degree program integrates the research expertise of program faculty with rigorous course readings in a wide variety of topics.

You’ll begin by taking introductory courses on basic principles of political science and American government, then choose a concentration for specialized studies in one of four core areas: comparative politics, international relations, political philosophy or American politics. To broaden your perspective, you’ll take at least one course from each core area.

Top classes for political science majors

  • Address regional and international issues related to Alaska Natives across the Arctic North in Comparative Northern Politics.
  • Study democratization in Africa and other effects on environments from the formation and implementation of U.S. Foreign Policy.
  • Examine a major political issue, such as the statesmanship of Sir Winston Churchill, in the integrative Senior Seminar in Politics course.