Psychology B.A. or B.S.

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    Psychology B.A. or B.S.

    Study the science of behavior and mental processes to understand people and animals and help make a difference in their lives.

Explore the psychology bachelor’s degree program at the University of Alaska Anchorage

Featuring flexible program options and valuable undergraduate research opportunities, the University of Alaska Anchorage psychology program prepares students to earn a bachelor’s degree, apply for graduate school and launch a successful career. 

Psychology scholarships and financial aid
Apply for scholarships and awards from the Department of Psychology, the College of Arts and Sciences and the University of Alaska Anchorage. 

Online pathway for psychology degree programs
Earn a hybrid degree online and on campus. Program faculty have advanced training in online teaching, so online courses in psychology feature the same quality instruction as the ones on campus. Online courses allow you to more easily pursue a degree while working, raising a family, serving in the military or living outside of Anchorage.

Undergraduate research
Don’t wait for graduate school to conduct research and get published. Through UAA’s Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship (OURS), you can apply for grants to fund your own research study under the supervision of a faculty mentor. 

Alaska Native Community Advancement in Psychology (ANCAP)
If you’re interested in research related to the psychological experiences of Alaska Native or American Indian communities, you can apply for ANCAP research grants. ANCAP also offers on-campus housing to connect you with academic resources, faculty support and student activities.

Behavior analysis concentration
Behavior analysis is a natural science that explores how both biology and environment influence behavior. In this optional concentration, you can study human and nonhuman behavior and explore ways to address socially significant issues such as health promotion, substance abuse treatment, education, animal training, employee performance and workplace safety and the intensive treatment of intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorders. The coursework is verified by the Association for Behavior Analysis International and prepares students for professional certification as Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts.
Children’s mental health minor
The psychology department’s multidisciplinary minor in children’s mental health complements degree programs for non-psychology majors, such as Early Childhood Development, Human Services, (juvenile) Justice, (pediatric) Nursing and Social Work.

Psychology B.A. or B.S.

Degree Type:

  • Baccalaureate

Concentration: Behavior analysis (optional)

Program Length: Four Years

Availability:Anchorage campus

Other program options: Minors in psychology and children’s mental health

Did you know..

The Department of Psychology at the University of Alaska Anchorage is the state’s largest center for the scientific study of behavior and mental processes.

What can you do with a psychology degree from UAA?

Conduct research, consult with clients or work with patients in clinical, private practice and school settings. In the psychology bachelor’s degree program at UAA, you will develop a strong and diverse skill set to prepare for graduate study in social or health sciences or entry-level jobs in the field.

Psychology graduate programs

  • M.S. in clinical psychology
  • Graduate certificate in children’s mental health
  • Ph.D. in clinical-community psychology

Psychology careers
Work in various human services, social services, education, research or technology jobs such as these:

  • Alcohol, Drug and Wellness Educator
  • Behavioral Health Emergency Services Clinician
  • Chemical Dependency Counselor
  • Mental Health Technician
  • Oncology Genetic Counselor
  • Protective Services Specialist
  • Youth Co-occurring Disorder Specialist

By the numbers..

Alumni from UAA’s psychology undergraduate program who attend graduate school. This is higher than the national average.
2013 Alumni Survey

Psychology bachelor’s degree program highlights

Emphasizing practical job skills, UAA’s undergraduate degree program in psychology focuses on research methodology, statistical and quantitative reasoning, behavior analysis and communication.

  • Participate in experimental science. Housed in the Natural Sciences Building, UAA’s psychology department features a live animal lab with rats. Work with faculty to conduct safe and humane animal research related to current community and global issues, from age-related cognitive decline and binge drinking to weight gain and obesity.
  • Collaborate with award-winning faculty who are recognized nationally and globally for excellence in teaching and research. Their focus areas include refugee and immigrant resilience, ethnic minorities, acculturations, gender and sexuality, linguistics and autism. Through instruction, mentorship and advising, faculty will help you find and focus your interests.
  • Learn, present and network at the Behavioral Sciences Conference of the North. Co-hosted by the Psychology Club and Psi Chi, this annual student-led research conference features presentations by nationally recognized speakers.
  • Make a difference in the community. Many faculty members incorporate service learning in their courses, offering opportunities for you to contribute to the field while helping people. For example, you can volunteer or consult with community partners, including local nonprofit human service organizations, group homes and in-patient treatment facilities.
  • Benefit from the College of Arts and Sciences. As part of the largest academic unit on campus, the bachelor’s in psychology degree program has access to partnerships with the Anchorage School District, Providence Hospital and other departments at UAA.

Amazing stories from psychology majors

I continually rely on my UAA education for everything. The quality education I received from the professors at UAA was amazing. It was simply the best program I have ever attended, and I'm a proud UAA alumna.

Kresenda Keith
B.A. Psychology ’10; Adjunct Faculty and Research Fellow, Psychologist with the U.S. Army, George Mason University and the U.S. Department of Defense
Two employees sit in the psychological services center

UAA’s Psychological Services Center is a low-cost mental health clinic serving the Anchorage campus and the community.

Psychological Services Center
Students rehearsing for a theatre and dance performance

Stalking the Bogeyman, a UAA theatre and dance production in collaboration with the psychology and art departments, stirred community awareness and dialogue about child sexual assault.

Stalking the Bogeyman

Psychology bachelor’s degree program curriculum

Which undergraduate psychology program is best for you?
Here are the main differences in UAA’s psychology undergraduate degree programs:

  • General education requirements: The Bachelor of Arts in psychology — which can be completed entirely online or on campus — focuses on arts and humanities, including culture and social behavior, while the Bachelor of Science in psychology focuses on math and science, including the natural and social sciences.
  • Career pathway: If you want to get into graduate school in a psychology or medical field, such as behavioral neuroscience or genetic counseling, the B.S. degree may help prepare you to finish the graduate program faster.

Top classes for psychology majors

  • Train a live animal in the hands-on Psychology of Learning Lab.
  • Get your first taste of research in Research Methods in Psychology Lab.
  • Learn Statistics for Psychology to develop practical job skills.
  • Put everything you’ve learned together in the integrative History of Psychology course.
  • Gain hands-on experience in the field through the Practicum in Psychology capstone course, required for the behavior analysis concentration, optional for other psychology majors.
  • Complete the Senior Thesis capstone as part of the requirements to graduate with departmental honors in psychology.