Please read the following:

This form must be completed if your certification was already sent to the VA and you:
  • Add/drop any courses at any time during the semester or,
  • Change your major or,
  • Declare a minor or,
  • Change the type of VA benefits you are utilizing.

Please submit this form:

  • The same day you add or drop courses. Failure to do so in a timely manner will result in a delay of benefits or,
  •  After your change of major or declaration of a minor has been processed. Please check UAOnline to be sure the change has been processed before submitting this form or,
  • After you have completed the VONAPP changing the type of VA Educational Benefits you will be utilizing.

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*VA Educational Benefit Type?

*What change are you reporting?

*What term is the change in effect?

*Please describe the change you have made:


Things you should know about changes:


The VA Report of Change form is a tool for students to notify the VA School Certifying Officials about changes. Students must first complete appropriate forms and processes as described below:

Adding Course(s)

  • You must add courses using UAOnline or by using the Add/Drop form.
  • Only courses that satisfy requirements outlined by the curriculum in a students catalog year can be certified. This includes prerequisite courses and remedial courses that are required prior to entering required courses.
  • It is highly recommended that you meet with your academic advisor before making changes to your course schedule or utilize Degreeworks to ensure the applicability of courses to your degree plan.

Dropping course(s):

  • You must drop courses using UAOnline or by using the Online Drop From.
  • If you unregister for course(s) after the add/drop period you will create a debt with the VA.
  • You can drop courses at the beginning of the term during the add/drop period without creating a debt with UAA or the VA.

Withdrawing from course(s):

  • You must withdraw from courses using UAOnline or by using the Add/Drop form.
  • Withdrawing from courses that have been certified after the add/drop period will create a overpayment with the VA.

Changing your Major:

  • You must complete the Change of Major process with the University.
  • If you change your major during a term, your certification will be reevaluated and any coursework not applicable to your new major will become a debt you owe the VA.

Dropping or Adding a minor:

Changing the type of VA benefits you are using:

  • You must complete the VONAPP with the VA to change the type of VA Educational Benefits you are using.
  • Once you have done this, please provide a copy of the Certificate of Eligibility or verification of the new benefit eligibility.

Updating your demographic information is done through UAOnline.