Optional Practical Training (OPT) is a benefit given to F-1 students who are completing an Associate, Bachelor, or Graduate degree in the United States. Its purpose is to provide an opportunity for employment experience in a student's field of study.

There are two types of OPT; however students may only engage in one year of OPT per degree level. The two types of OPT are:

  • Pre-Completion OPT-Work authorization before the student has graduated.
  • Post-Completion OPT-Work authorization after the student has graduated or, in the case of Graduate students, has completed their course requirements.

Most students choose Post-Completion OPT.

To begin OPT students must 

  • Gain authorization from their International Student Adviser, and then
  • Apply with USCIS for an Employment Authorization Card (EAD)

Student must complete the OPT Workshop to receive authorization from the ISS Office. 

To begin the workshop, choose which OPT you would like to apply for: