Feb. 1, 2014: UAA hosts 3rd Annual Alaska Brain Bee Competition

by Michelle Saport  |   

UAA will host the 3rd Annual Alaska Brain Bee Competition this Saturday at the Anchorage Museum. Designed to increase the interest of high school students in studying neuroscience through a fun and competitive atmosphere, the competition tests students' knowledge about nervous system cells, neuropathology and the structure and/or function of specific brain regions and landmarks. Students compete individually by writing their answers on a dry-erase board and points are then given for correct answers. There is also a practical section where students will identify brain structures on models. At the end of the competition, the points are tallied and the student with the most correct answers wins. The winner and one chaperone will get an all-expenses-paid trip to attend the national Brain Bee in Baltimore, Md., on March 14-15, 2014.

The event is organized by the UAA Department of Biological Sciences, with support from the College of Arts and Sciences, College of Health and Center for Community Engagement and Learning. UAA students will be on hand to lead several neuroscience learning activities and games.

For more information, visit the Alaska Brain Bee website.

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