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New engineering dean: 'Watch UAA, it will be a different place in 10 years'

Engineering dean Fred Barlow

Dean Fred Barlow says he left professional achievement and comfort at the University of Idaho for the challenge that UAA represents. "The trajectory is very strong," he says.

Engineering & Industry's ins & outs

UAA Campus

New this semester, the Engineering & Industry Building triples the engineering space on campus. Read more about the frigid cold rooms, the mighty strong floors, the sun-soaked lounges and that big beautiful bridge that make the new EIB an inventive addition to a growing college and campus.

'I wanted to build more of a career around accounting'

Dominique Kurth

Dominique Kurth had already worked as a bookkeeper when she enrolled at UAA to seek accounting and finance degrees. Her diligence reaped rewards: stellar grades, an internship and a job waiting after graduation.

Alumni of Distinction: Mistee Davis

Gala15 AlumniofDistinction_15

Mistee has gone from entry-level to executive, all while earning two UAA degrees. This year's Alumni Emerging Leader recipient oversees key support at Assets Inc., a local agency that advocates for Anchorage residents who experience developmental disabilities and serious mental illnesses.

Ribbon-cutting celebration for UAA’s new Engineering & Industry Building, Sept. 10

UAA-SoE EIB_Prov view

Be among the first to enter UAA’s new Engineering & Industry Building! Join us Sept. 10 for the ribbon-cutting ceremony, as well as a tour of the labs, classrooms and study spaces.

Sept. 18, 2016: Study Abroad 101


Take the first step in planning for an international educational experience as part of your UAA degree program—attend today's Study Abroad 101 information session!

Fall 2009: EXIT Art Project Opening Reception featuring the art of Zachariah Martin


Sept. 10, 2015: World Suicide Prevention Day


AJSAC releases fact sheet on Alaska Department of Corrections institutional populations from 2005 to 2014


Fall 2015: Meditation & Wellness Club meets Mondays and Thursdays

Come sit with us for simple meditations, light stretching, calm music, great discussions and other relaxing activities.

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