Nov. 19, 2015: Free SBIRT screenings on campus

by Michelle Saport  |   

Free screening tables:

Thursday, Nov. 19, 11 a.m.-3 p.m. UAA/APU Consortium Library (lobby), Cuddy Hall, Student Union, UAA Testing Center, Skybridge and Health Sciences Building

The NURS 250 - Psychiatric Nursing class in conjunction with the Behavioral Research Center will conduct free SBIRT screenings on campus. It is a community service aimed at educating students to live healthy and drug-free.  SBIRT stands for Screening, brief intervention and referral for treatment. It is an evidence-based, public-health-integrated practice tool for identifying, reducing and preventing the abuse of and dependence on alcohol and drugs in our community. The federal government is funding the program for the University of Alaska.

The SBIRT screening will focus on AUDIT and DAST, and a free BP screening for all participants. The screeners will make referrals for students and any participants at risk of alcohol/illicit drug addiction to receive free counseling and care at the University Counseling Center. Anyone interested in participating in the screenings is invited: students, faculty, staff and residents of Alaska.

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