UAA sustainability functions now aligned with Facilities & Campus Services

by Michelle Saport  |   


Ryan Buchholdt will serve as the sustainability and business manager for Facilities and Campus Services.

Last year, Administrative Services re-organized the Office of Sustainability. Recycling was moved to General Support Services and works in collaboration with the UAA Property Surplus operation. The sustainability function was recently moved into Facilities & Campus Services (FCS). The alignment with Facilities will enable a greater focus on campus operational applications as well as student initiatives.

Facilities is pleased to announce Ryan Buchholdt will take on this new role and serve as the sustainability and business manager for the department. His sustainability focus will be on energy conservation and collaboration with student groups. Some of the long-range goals are to work with our utilities on ways we can reduce our energy profile and use more renewable energy; reduce our solid waste stream; and capture the discharge water from cooling wells for other uses. Ryan will retain his existing Facilities outreach role, which will expand to cover sustainability topics.

Ryan is a 2012 graduate of UAA's College of Business and Public Policy with a B.B.A. in management, and is currently pursuing a Master's of Business Administration. During his time as an undergraduate, Ryan held several leadership positions in student government. He began working for Facilities in January 2013, and has been passionate about sustainability, working with students and the campus community, and about the campus' involvement with managing our energy appetite.

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