Statements from university leadership on immigration executive order

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Dear UA Community -

As the country grapples with the evolving implementation of the President's Executive Order restricting immigration, I assure you that the University of Alaska is working to understand the full impacts on our students, faculty, employees and their families. And, more importantly, I want to assure you that our university remains committed to the open exchange of students, scholars, and ideas from all over the world.

We are concerned about the well-being of our students, faculty and staff who may be traveling and kept from returning to our universities as a result of this policy. Although that number seems to be small, any impact is concerning.

The university is consulting with experts in order to provide guidance or assistance to any students or employees from the affected countries. We also are in regular contact with other universities and national associations to understand the implications of the new policy.

I want to repeat that the University of Alaska is committed to ensuring that all students, staff, faculty and their families can focus on what brought them here in the first place, the pursuit of scholarship in an environment that supports them regardless of their race, ethnicity, or national origin.

If students or employees need information about international travel or have concerns about their return to campus or visas, please use the following contact:





Jim Johnsen


Dear UAA Community,

No matter what you believe, where you come from, what you look like or what your abilities are, we are all Seawolves.

We are committed to equal rights, tolerance and diversity.

UAA continues to stand in support of all members of our community, and we affirm our commitment to an inclusive learning and safe campus environment for all.

We recognize that individual members of our community may be wondering if they belong.

Let me assure you that we stand behind UAA's core value of inclusion. Including diverse perspectives helps us all better understand other views by considering how an issue looks from multiple angles.

Look out for one another. Speak up for those who are silent.

Please reach out if you need assistance:

I encourage everyone in our UAA community to make a renewed individual commitment to equality, respect and kindness.


Tom Case


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