Changes in IT desktop service charges

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In the past, all services performed by IT Desktop Services were charged at an hourly rate (Work Stoppages - $108, Normal - $72). Effective July 1, 2018, a majority of the non-urgent work no longer incurs a charge. This work is handled on a first-come, first-served basis. Examples of this work include:

  • Desktop technical services provided at the customer location
  • Hardware and software troubleshooting and repair
  • Hardware and software purchase processing including research and advice, selection, ordering, receiving, configuration and delivery and installation at the customer site.
  • Recurring Technician Site Visits (RTSV)
  • Warranty work (Dell and Apple)
  • Mass computer replacements
  • Secure computer decommissioning
  • Automated software deployments and updates
  • New employee setup
  • University-owned mobile devices using the standard configuration

Some services are above and beyond the basic service and still require a charge (FY19 - $100/hr). Those services include, but are not limited to:

  • Immediate service (work stoppage): Gives the requestor the option to pay for immediate service if waiting in a first-come, first-served queue is not acceptable based on the nature of the issue or other extenuating circumstances
  • Forensics: Typically requested by General Counsel or Risk Management. Infrequent, but highly time-consuming, specialized technical services
  • Labs: A computer lab is billed for services beyond simple software updates deployed automatically
  • Facilities Projects: Usually involves new build-outs or moving of computer equipment.
  • Non-UA Sponsored Campus Events: Occasionally, desktop support services are requested to support campus events that are sponsored by outside (non-UA) companies/groups.
  • Other Projects: These often large and specialized work efforts require major time investments due to detailed analysis, research and planning and usually require several technicians to simultaneously implement. Most have an inflexible timeline and do not fit the first come/first serve model.
  • Out of Warranty Repairs: Labor charges for hardware repairs performed on a computer that is not covered under warranty.
  • Personal Requests: Requests that are personal in nature or on personal equipment.
  • Unsupported Software: Software not covered by software assurance/maintenance or not supported at UAA.
  • Managed Print: Service requests for UAA's managed print workstations and printers. Note that departments are not charged for this work. The managed print service incurs these costs.

For more details about this new change, please visit the Desktop Services Expectations and Engagement Process Page.

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