Evacuation drills being scheduled

by Michelle Saport  |   

This year's evacuation drills will take place during the week of Sept. 16-20. Faculty and staff should let the Office of Emergency Management know by the end of the day this Friday, Sept. 6 whether there are any important activities or VIP visits that we should avoid, as these exercises are scheduled.

In each drill, the evacuation alarm horns and strobes will be activated. Occupants will be required to quickly leave the building, and will be guided to the facility's Emergency Assembly Area (EAA). Staff will go room-to-room during these exercises to make sure everyone has evacuated and that alarm hardware is working properly. It is essential that occupants take all alarms seriously, as they may be activated for reasons beyond fires - such as bomb threats, hazardous materials spills, or other emergencies. UAA's evacuation drills cover three goals: to comply with Federal requirements for exercising emergency plans; to educate students and employees on evacuation procedures; and to test operation of the alarm systems.

The Emergency Manager can be reached at rcswartz@alaska.edu.

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